Here are some of the most cursed photos on the internet today 😳😳

2021.10.17 17:35 DaniLikesTurtles Here are some of the most cursed photos on the internet today 😳😳

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2021.10.17 17:35 davidjz_11 just noticed this lmao

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2021.10.17 17:35 Sukyamadda My Thoughts on TODOS - Namely Tollovir/Tollovid approach

I tend to be cautious and not overly optimistic on many things, however, the more I think about TODOS, the more I find myself thinking, this stock has so much potential. I am not a super analyst i.e. I don’t know about charts and all that ish, I am not a pumper, This is not a DD post, I have a small position of this stock. The purpose of this post is to provide folks my thoughts of and I am happy for people to discuss and even debate my views. I am happy to look at things from a different perspective as this is a very risky stock (penny stock).
TODOS is a diagnostic testing company that focuses on cancer (breast/colon) screening via blood - this is what originally had my interest in the stock. However, the Joint Venture with NLC pharma allowed it to delve into the COVID-19 anti-viral treatment arena and hence we have Tollovid and Tollovir.
Tollovir is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials in Israel and India (not sure if started in India). They have had promising results hence why I believe the CEO is so optimistic and confident in his tweets etc. What gives me confidence is that scientific papers show that 3CL protease inhibitors are shown to stop the Corona Virus regardless of strain - and even more evidence is that big Pharma (Pfizer) is pursuing the same anti-viral treatment (3CL inhibitor). What makes me even more excited about Tollovir is that it uses plant extract, therefore I believe would result in less skepticism from the public and hopefully the FDA.
Tollovid, is a weaker version of Tollovir and is currently marketed as an immune booster. It has the 3CL protease inhibitor (permission granted to market it as such by the FDA), however it cannot state it can treat COVID. Currently for sale on Amazon and on the tollovid site. The CEO has made some cryptic tweets a few days ago that had me pondering.
· When asked about Tollovid sales he stated that they will be looking to market aggressively around the holiday season.
· When it was announced that the Merck anti-viral pill (molnupiravir) will be set for review November 30 he stated phenomenal timing
What I took from that (purely speculating) is that by November 30th we should have Phase 2 results from Tollovir available (they are already considering obtaining EUA status using results from an observational study (0 deaths in hospital setting)).
What I took from that (purely speculating) is that by November 30th we should have Phase 2 results from Tollovir available (they are already considering obtaining EUA status using results from an observational study (0 deaths in a hospital setting)). Tollovid (already on the market) would greatly benefit. They may be able to market it as an Over-The-Counter COVID treatment (already has FDA approval) which may result in exponential sales – especially if we see a resurgence of COVID, or variant. If people and anti-vaxxers are willing to try horse dewormers, then I'm sure they would rush for a proven treatment from plant extract.
So, you would have a proven anti-viral, a version of it already on the market, the company has a testing arm ‘Provista’ that is the only company in the country that can test to see how many antibodies you have to determine if you need a booster shot or vaccine. If you look at it, this company has the ability to treat COVID and make COVID manageable and therefore allow us to have somewhat of normal life (whatever that means now). TODOS could be looking for direct access and a significant chunk multi-billion-dollar market. The CEO has indicated that they intend to spin off the ‘Covid’ section of the company i.e., prepare it for sale. This would be very attractive for a big Pharma company that does not have a covid vaccine/treatment.
If there is a sale, and TODOS has a windfall of cash, this would allow it to pursue blood testing diagnostics and also would help AMBS to pursue the Parkinson’s Disease drug.
What Can Go Wrong?
· Well for one, the trials don’t go well.
· There are issues with the agreement of the NLC JV, and or Todos does not become the majority owner of the IP (Intellectual Property)
· The stock price continues to drop and therefore a hideous S ratio.
Wet Dream Scenario
This is speculation (I'm probably wrong on many levels but I like to fantasize). If there is a more deadly variant arrives around X-mas in which current vaccines have less potency, Merck’s anti-viral does not get approval, and there are issues with Pfizer’s anti-viral and if Tollovir trials are overly successful, Govt will have to revisit its strategy that includes testing for anti-bodies and focus more on treatment (anti-virals). TODOS will greatly benefit, and the stock will rise from penny levels to dollar levels (without uplisting). If the market crashes and TODOS is uplisted, capital will probably flock to a biotech stock that has an answer for COVID, it becomes a meme stock and all early investors are rich, and COVID is treatable and a thing of the past. Will this ever happen, Never – but we are living in strange times.
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2021.10.17 17:35 LittlePigyPig Noooooooooooooooooo!!!

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2021.10.17 17:35 NeblioTeam @NeblioTeam: Thanks @NeblioF for the great update! Very interesting to see how the #Neblio ecosystem is rapidly growing. Amazing to see all the talented and visionary people building and even just tinkering and experimenting with our tech!

@NeblioTeam: Thanks @NeblioF for the great update! Very interesting to see how the #Neblio ecosystem is rapidly growing. Amazing to see all the talented and visionary people building and even just tinkering and experimenting with our tech! submitted by NeblioTeam to Neblio [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 17:35 GMEstockboy Market has been closed since Friday should i sell

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2021.10.17 17:35 GrumpyFinn In Pori, Finland you can get vaccinated at a Liiga game. 70 people were vaccinated at yesterday's Ässät-Ilves game and they will do this again on Friday when TPS is in town.

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2021.10.17 17:35 esdgewged qui est chaud pour me faire un partage d’écran d’un porno sur discord et on se branle en même temps

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2021.10.17 17:35 Myras_Iczelion Genshin's law of universal gravitation

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2021.10.17 17:35 aniplaylist All aboard the Mugen train! New Opening will be available worldwide at midnight on Oct. 18th on streaming platforms!

All aboard the Mugen train! New Opening will be available worldwide at midnight on Oct. 18th on streaming platforms! 🎵 "Akeboshi" by LiSA
Song Availability Playlist
Spotify Listen on Spotify Worldwide Anime Release Radar ¦ Demon Slayer
Deezer Listen on Deezer Worldwide
Apple Music Listen on Apple Music
Links will work at midnight in your timezone
🎶 Don't forget to check out all Opening and Endings from Kimestu no Yaiba on
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2021.10.17 17:35 tderosa665 This right here.......I know exactly how he feels......

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2021.10.17 17:35 telex_bot A koalíciós társ és saját pártja buktathatta meg Kurzot, hétfőn már hivatalba is lép arisztokrata utódja

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2021.10.17 17:35 TheAmayzinRayzin SLPT: Most restaurants offer free/prepaid food if you can reach the leftovers before a waiter does.

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2021.10.17 17:35 itsdjc Furnace is short cycling

Hopefully I do a good job of explaining this.
Possible related note: I had my blower motor replaced at the beginning of the summer and the A/C ran fine all season.
I turned on my furnace and noticed that the blower motor is on for about a minute, off for a minute, on for a minute, etc. I head downstairs to take a look and I notice that while the blower motor is not on, the furnace ignites. It seems to be stuck in a never ending loop of the following:

I fully admit that I don't know shit about HVAC; however, I would assume that the blower motor should turn on when the furnace ignites, not a minute after.
What the hell is wrong with my furnace?
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2021.10.17 17:35 Pride_madness Got 2 blue parking buddies!!

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2021.10.17 17:35 Imtinyrick22 Ranking all full Aegis Titans in Frontier Defense

I have got all of my Titans to have full Aegis upgrades, and I’m here to present my rankings of all of them. With the exception of Ronin, none of the Titans can traverse the map very quickly so having good teammates in Hard and Master difficulties is a must in order to succeed; even Ronin can’t be everywhere at once. Otherwise the Mortar Titans can really screw you over, or if everyone is roaming then Nuke and Arc Titans can slip through and also screw you over. Note: ranking and viability is based solely on having full Aegis upgrades
Ion: A tier. I use the Entangled Energy kit and Turbo Engine. With full Aegis her DPS becomes surprisingly high, so she can hold her own reasonably well into Hard difficulty. However, because she can only focus on one to two Titans at once she can get overwhelmed easily if you’re not careful about your positioning. Her energy pool, while large, can become a hindrance if you don’t know how to manage it along with her long reload time. Viable in Easy and Regular difficulties, and struggles in Hard and Master without good teammates to back you up Strengths: mid-range to long-range DPS on one to two targets Weaknesses: close range, multiple targets, and energy management
Scorch: S tier. I use his Inferno Shield kit and Turbo Engine. His ability to utilize choke points and cook numerous Titans at the same time is unparalleled. No further explanation is needed lol he’s fantastic. Very viable in all difficulties Strengths: close to mid range, single or multiple targets, it really doesn’t matter he will barbecue them all Weaknesses: long range
North Star: S tier. I use her Piercing Shots (she’s not S tier without it) and Turbo Engine kits. Her DPS is on par with Scorch’s and shares his ability to inflict lots of damage on multiple targets at once, provided you can line targets up reasonably well. Very viable in all difficulties Strengths: mid to long range DPS on any number of targets Weaknesses: close range
Ronin: S tier. I use his Overcore and Highlander kits. If you can keep your health up until you get your core and have the Highlander kit (Sword Core kills increase its duration) he becomes an absolute beast. His ability to inflict insane amounts of damage to enemy Titans then warp away is ridiculous. He can traverse the entire map in mere seconds and destroy any target with relative ease. His weaknesses have to do with the Nuke Titans, mainly. Since he can only deal damage at extremely close range, he’s always at risk of getting blown up, so he’s a high risk high reward Titan. If you’re caught in a Nuke Titan explosion then obviously you die, so managing your Phase Shifts and having a good awareness of the range and timing of the explosions is essential to utilizing him fully. He’s excellent at handling those pesky Mortar and Sniper Titans since he can move so quickly. Very viable in all difficulties Strengths: insane DPS to one to two targets at extremely close range, ridiculous movement speed Weaknesses: getting caught in Nuke Titan explosions, taking too much damage in the heat of battle, mid to long ranges
Tone: B tier. I use her Turbo Engine and Rocket Barrage kits. She’s good at engaging multiple Titans at once at mid to long range and her potential DPS is pretty good. However, it takes a fair bit of time to get all the locks needed to have that DPS, making her more of a support Titan than anything else. Like Ion, she can get overwhelmed easily but also has the added disadvantage of dealing self damage at close range. Where other Titans excel, she struggles; if they’re lined up in a row, then she can only get locks on one or two at a time. She’s better if they’re spread out more, which doesn’t happen often on certain maps. Viable in Easy, Regular, and sometimes Hard difficulties (if you have good teammates) Strengths: dealing damage behind cover at mid to long ranges, supporting the team with deplorable cover and moderate DPS Weaknesses: close range, fast moving targets, large numbers of targets without a clear shot to get locks
Legion: C tier. I use his Turbo Engine kit and his last Aegis upgrade is that he’s equipped with all of his kits. Legion is a good supporting Titan at mid to long ranges and can do okay at short range for a short time. He’s very slow and methodical so you’ve gotta position yourself well and be able to take cover quickly. He’s good at consistent and moderate DPS, and can’t really engage multiple targets as easily. He can get overwhelmed easily and his Core doesn’t necessarily scale up with more targets as he can only fire a limited number of bullets at once. Viable in Easy and Regular difficulties Strengths: mid to long range consistent DPS Weaknesses: close range, multiple targets
Monarch: S tier. I use her Counter Ready and Energy Thief kits, and her Arc Rounds, Maelstrom, and Accelerator Core Upgrades. She’s the only Titan that can heal herself in battle (smokes give shield, Energy Siphon, and eating yummy batteries), her smokes deal insane amounts of damage to multiple targets, and her XO-16 does insane damage to a single target at close to mid range, and can do okay at long range. The main issues are pacing your cool downs and reloads, which isn’t terribly difficult, and managing her health. I personally think that her ability to heal mid-battle along with the ability to buy amped batteries between rounds makes the Superior Chasis upgrade rather redundant and only serves to decrease her overall DPS. Her smokes are ridiculous in that they give you and your teammates shield and they build your core while dealing loads of damage, which means even more smokes. Using two smokes on two close together enemy Titans can fully charge your core, giving you yet another two smokes and full shield while taking them down to little to no health. It’s insane. Viable in all difficulties Strengths: all ranges, great DPS, healing herself and giving teammates shield Weaknesses: can struggle a little at long ranges, have to be able to pace her cool downs and reloads and manage health gain/loss at close ranges
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2021.10.17 17:35 juniperean No response after post first date text

I (24F) went on a date yesterday. I'm leaving town at the end of October (for a couple of months). At the end of our date, he asked if I would see him again this coming weekend. I agreed, then we parted ways.
A couple of hours later, I texted him saying thank you, that I had a lovely day and that I hoped he did too. He hasn't responded.
While I'm kind of inexperienced in dating, and know 1 day isn't all that long to not receive a response, I'm wondering if suggesting a 2nd date when they don't really mean it is something guys do?
If that isn't the case with him, then what's up with the no response? I tend to dislike waiting games, if that's what this is.
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2021.10.17 17:35 Kittycat9359 what if the joker could beatbox…………………

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2021.10.17 17:35 heinaga1989 ARTPUNKS is CryptoPunks 2.0 . NFTs by Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Banksy and more...

From Picasso to Banksy ARTPUNKS has created a collection of what would one of the most famous and valued NFT (CryptoPunks) look like has it been painted by the most famous painters in history
What is ARTPUNKS :
ArtPunks is an NFT collection created using A.I. technology (neural networks) to merge traditional paintings, by various famous, historical, and talented artists with CryptoPunks, that symbolize the revolution of NFTs and digital art in the modern day. Bringing both the past and the future of art together into 10,000 unique NFTs, with varying traits and styles, you can now own a symbolic piece of history, on the Solana Network, and help promote the value of artistic expression and creation.
Created by AI (Artificial intelligence)
Every piece in the collection was created using the power of A.I. The A.I. technology was trained to recognize and produce 250 different painting styles and merge them with different CryptoPunks to produce 10,000 unique NFTs.
Bonus : holders also receive 5% from the royalties everyday .
Website :
Discord :
Twitter : ArtPunksNFT
MarketPlace :\_symbol=artpunks
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2021.10.17 17:35 lubmyschnoodle Trisha clean your nasty house, apologize to all the communities you have hurt actually go to therapy, fix your horrific financial situation, sell off your useless shit. Take some classes and get a real job. Your career is over

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2021.10.17 17:35 guanaco55 17 US missionaries, including children, kidnapped in Haiti

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2021.10.17 17:35 Danaaerys Redditors of word games! Why are we able to see new words in a set of letters once they’re swapped around?

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2021.10.17 17:35 Emotional-North-3532 EMDR finds.

I have been doing emdr on past relationships where I was made to be the issue.
I was in scouts in Australia and watched people be celebrated for rape culture.
I did emdr and the damage that was done in scours was astonishing. The conservative views etc. I saw women be celebrated for shaming other women.
I've confronted past friends. I've spent the last 5 years and did spent 2 prior in recovery and I did many restorative justice and relationship courses. It's occured that no one I speak to had any idea why i was confronting the issues.
I confronted a friend after seeing his texts. He was a past boyfriend whom would always call me sick or unwell for showing symptomoly but through emdr I saw his views and conservative nature caused major issues. He's married now. But the entire relationship I was called unwell. I had been assaulted and he called me unwell.
There was no higher level discourse about sexism. I ran away from DV and his father said I could only stay with him if I prayed. In hindsight a lot of what he did was subtle control. Not intentioned. But really subtle control. I was someone escaping abuse and he would sell my car etc without asking and he would say it was normal. He lied to me about really basic things and told me to get over it.
I would have flashbacks in cars and he would leave me at the side of the road. He thought it was hilarious to trigger emotional flashbacks. So he would trigger emotional flashbacks after my rape on purpose and it was seen as a party trick.
I got people involved to go over messages ( social workers) and he actively did not let me grieve. It was seen as an attack on him. He ghosted and he still calls me sick. He had to testify to the courts about how I was treated but it's made me feel shit because it's not understood why he's been made to stay in my life. But also, I fundamentally feel off when I speak to him.
I feel like he's remained silent this whole time and never took accountability. I see messages where I text him asking directly for emotional validation for the assaults and he belittles me and calls my friends bad people, his response to being hurt was to belittle my friends whom had issues. They were also his friends too but more importantly they were victims of abuse.
I contacted him to offer him money because I believed my ptsd would have affected him. What I didn't realize until emdr was that two females have since come forward from our friendship group and said they were raped by their partners.
So this man is openly friends with these men after this occured. Stepping aside from that because it's not my issue.
I find it hard to understand socially why I was led to believe I was the issue the entire time. There wasn't normal boundaries, as in..he would control and tell me how to 'correctly' do things. Like washing the dishes etc. I don't think this was abnormal at the time and the culture.
But looking back, the cultures I was exposed to by him were rape cultures. Heavily heavily defined by people whom believed and openly said rape happened to women because they were s** I've blurred out the words because every now and again I feel deep sadness at knowing him. And also deeply ashamed of myself because I thought i was crazy.
It wasn't until I was in court that I went back and rwalized none of these people apologized. Every single one of my exs friends has raped, or sadly ( been imprisoned for child pornography) they were conservative Christians and scouts. They all went to the same private school.
It's been ten years and seeing those messages now. I would cry when we would camp because they would be making comments and I was then belittled for making him feel bad. I feel evil, like there is a strong retaliation there. I want to hurt this person because he degraded me and called me sick when his friends were celebrated despite what they did.
I've had friends come back and say sorry. This person has never acknowledged his words. I saw him on the street and he congratulated me on getting money for the trial and i thought...I gave and offered you all of the money weeks ago because I was led to believe I did something wrong. But I also spent years with this person advocating against his beliefs about money and what it was used for. I was constantly traumatized by his views on money and how easy he thought it was to get at 17. I worked 2 jobs and his family truly and openly said people were poor only because they wanted to be. I was told this whilst I sat in front of them after being hurt.
It's times like this I actually want a therapist in DV because I don't understand this dynamic and why it hurts so much. He's the kind of person whom would actively deny anyone rights and then laugh and shoulder it off. He did immense damage for years. When I left my life got significantly better and he said he was a crutch for me. And I remember thinking...I didn't ask you to be. I actually told you to stop. You sold my car. My autonomy was often taken. I've blocked out years of memories of being with him.
I meet people like him now and get repulsed because they're the ' do good-ers' whom can do no wrong. He got given a 5000 dollar car for his birthday after selling my $900 car without speaking to me and I just remember thinking..why do you think that's normal? That isn't normal for a lot of people. You don't just get given things when you ask.
It's been ten years and I've just saved up enough for another car. I spent well over $20,000 on therapies that weren't for DV victims only to be told the same thing, these people mean well...
My therapist told me not to work, again.. this person meaning well.
I'm usually like woo go team, but where the fuck is the actual support for the working class?
I'm realising I was exposed to extreme poverty as a kid, then dated into privilege and it's done nothing to provide a normalized experience of the world.
I feel deep deep grief at not knowing that that wasn't normal. A lot of my prior friends were from that group and it was when I went through court that I finally got help and realized how much i was blamed for my own assault, money issues etc.
These people never responded to the emails by forensics or social workers.
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2021.10.17 17:35 LowesSafeDay Internet freezes for 20 seconds every 10 minutes or so

Ive tried scouring here for a solution but there seems to a variety of different solutions so I wanted to know what you guys recommend, my router is a ARRIS DG9450 and we've had this issue over many years and we've been through many different routers, the only thing that seems to fix it is when we get our ISP to come out here and change out the router but they have insisted its something wrong on their end and have told us many times its fixed but we're still having the issue, when its fixed theres no issue and then out of nowhere the issue is a consistent thing that happens every 10 minutes or so, it doesn't cut out but I guess stutters and isnt noticable when watching youtube but will cause major lag spikes and disconnections in video games I play. I've seen posts where people recommend people to use ping plotter so I did it and this is typically what it plots when the spikes happen my pc is wired through ethernet and the issue even persists in games over wifi on my PS4.
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2021.10.17 17:35 taiedy Class System Design (with an inspiration from the Ashes of Creation MMO)!

Greetings everyone! First time posting here. I wanted to introduce to you all a class system design I'm creating which I would love your help and suggestions in.
Like I said, it takes an inspiration from the Ashes of Creation (AoC) MMO currently in development by Intrepid Studios in which players are able to get a primary class, and consequently a secondary class which augments the primary class chosen.
Here's a link to the Class System in Google Sheets where I have it displayed.
As shown, the class system entails 8 primary classes of the common class archetypes in MMOs: Fighter (Melee DPS), Guardian (Tank), Mage (Spell DPS), Rogue (Melee DPS), Ranger (Ranged DPS/Crowd Control), Priest (HealeCrowd Control), Summoner (Crowd Control), and Bard (Crowd Control).
A player can then choose any of these 8 class archetypes again as a secondary class, and use it to augment their primary class leading to a unique class with richer avenues of gameplay in which for example, a player can play as a Fighter with a Rush skill, but have a Teleport skill from the Mage skill line that eliminates the charge distance to an enemy, using mana and significantly less stamina. This is a useful ability of the Spellblade class. Picking the same class archetype for the secondary class gives you a more powerful class that you already had with either boosts to attack damage, cooldowns, range etc. For example, the Archmage is a Mage x Mage combination leading to a DPS class with significant boosts to attack damage and cooldown times.
Where my system differs from AoC apart from most of the differing secondary class names in the system is that there isn't an actual in-game skill line tree that players can typically buy their classes from. From the start, a player gets their primary 'class' by earning it through gameplay. Essentially, a player can only get their primary class by fulfilling several actions or requirements in-game, or completing a specific quest within certain conditions. For example, a level 0 player can be on their way to getting the Fighter primary class by going to a training arena and hitting a practice target with a melee weapon or greatly helping a former fighter NPC etc. This was partly inspired by reading and watching a lot of LitRPG and Isekai novels/anime/manga. I feel if executed properly, it would lead to more exploration, player agency and fun in MMOs which has been severely lacking in most of the current ones out now.
Another difference is that my class system also has hidden (or advanced) classes that are basically a mix of three class archetypes. For example, the Revenant is a mixture of the Guardian, Fighter and Summoner class archetype (in order). These advanced classes have significantly stricter requirements to fulfil in order to get them. This feature was also influenced by LitRPG and Isekai.
From the Google Sheet, the columns signify the primary class, while the rows match it to a secondary class.
In the other sub-sheets, you will find each primary class with rows matched to all 8 class archetypes that gives each secondary class. You will also see some advanced classes I have created and named, but not stated their definitions. I have ideas for most of them even if they are blank, but I've found that some of them are alike in their definitions which is why I need your help. I've tried to make most of the secondary class names intuitive to what I feel a mix of classes would be called and defined. For example, the Spellblade is seemingly similar to the Battlemage. However, you should be able to see the difference between the 2 classes. The Spellblade makes more sense to be a Fighter x Mage class, while the Battlemage is a Mage x Fighter class. A Spellblade may have access to skills that channel magic through melee weapons as well as the Rush x Teleport skill, while the Battlemage has skills that entail magic spells that are useful in close quarters combat like a Flame Cloak or Flame Dagger. There is definitely a distinction between the 2 classes!
There are also secondary classes that entertain a certain paradigm like the Elementalist (Mage x Summoner) that can summon magic from the elemental planes. For example, a Flame Elementalist that can conjure fire from the Infernal Plains of Hell, a Plane of Fire. Summoning magefire from that plane not only reduces the mana cost for a fire spell, but also gives the player access to Hellfire, a significantly powerful Fire spell, that is hard for an inflicted foe to extinguish. For such a powerful class, a requirement to get it might be to actually visit a Plane of Fire a set number of times which is dangerous as you lose perhaps 0.01% of health every 2 seconds for your duration in that area. Another is the Poisoner, an advanced class of the Assassin class. This is basically an Assassin class that uses poisons for assassinations. Basically, the player might gain massive boosts in critical damage when poisons are used in combat.
Other classes not so intuitive to their description by their naming include the Direlord class (an advanced class of the Overlord class) which is actually just my naming for a Necromancer.
All in all, I would love to have your comments on what you think each secondary or advanced class might entail. It doesn't matter if a class already has a description in it. Also, if you think a class name fits in a different area, please state it and explain your reasoning. Moreover, other class suggestions whether secondary or advanced with definitions would be appreciated. You may comment here or in the Google Sheets.
Thanks for your participation!!!
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