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2021.10.17 18:03 GeologistLow6222 Absolut

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2021.10.17 18:03 PartyCell Starter Deck Challenge - Play through Yugioh History

Found this old challenge idea and was wondering if anyone would like to try it out!
It seems like a nice challenge to relive the nostalgia and gradually learn about the newer aspects of the game. We can use (or open to other suggestions) to play the games and further clarify the rules.
You can post in this thread or message me and who knows, if there are more than a few people interested we could alter the rules and turn it into a league/tournament.
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2021.10.17 18:03 airplantenthusiast central new york early/mid fall. this lil fella was zooming past me. what is it? also… who are the passengers on their back?

central new york early/mid fall. this lil fella was zooming past me. what is it? also… who are the passengers on their back? submitted by airplantenthusiast to whatsthisbug [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 18:03 Background_Island983 Is wearing mixed fabrics a sin?

So, is wearing mixed fabrics a sin? Does everything have to be 100% linen and not any other fabrics? Or can you wear things that are polyster and cotton mixed? Elestane has polyster in it so does it still considered a sin if you mix polyster and Elestane together? These are the questions that I have been thinking of. Is the Luke 19:19 about the dresscodes for pastor or is it for everyone who is christian?
Please if you know any answers for mmy questions you're very welcome to type it on the reply section
God bless you!
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2021.10.17 18:03 skvllheartz Trading Princess StarFrost Skates!<3

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2021.10.17 18:03 romain34230 Comment annuler ou supprimer son compte Netflix ?

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2021.10.17 18:03 agentred_ W/F/L

Me: ride skele-rex Them: ride swan
View Poll
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2021.10.17 18:03 MrMemeMan1273 Finds from 2 different stores, dollar store, and kids corner

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2021.10.17 18:03 Toothbread97 24 [M4F] Fort lauderdale Florida - cuddle buddy

I like affection, physical touch, cuddling and kissing. I’m caring, kind, and playful. I will make sure that you get what you want. I’ve a lean, athletic body. Hit me up to exchange pictures and to arrange something. Not looking for anything serious, just fwb😉
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2021.10.17 18:03 realgeneral_memeous Whoops

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2021.10.17 18:03 ZoolShop Any great sources for quazi reliable projections for this bull run?

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2021.10.17 18:03 Refracted Industrial Platform added to an environment. Learning geometry nodes and texturing, been playing with blender for about a month.

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2021.10.17 18:03 xX_InnerD3mon_Xx When you load up Hunt with the boys

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2021.10.17 18:03 PieRevolutionary6406 LMAO (Credit: u/thehornybonk)

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2021.10.17 18:03 handwritingdegraded Watching your parents reprimand your younger siblings knowing your turn is next

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2021.10.17 18:03 NikiMinajsClitoris Money Tree - Fair and fun blockchain gaming

🌴 Money Tree
🎮 Play Mini games to earn $MONEY and NFT prizes
⚖️ Statistically fair games where players keep 100% of their prizes.
💵 Automatic, free entry into a weekly lottery for all $MONEY holders which pays in USDC.
💸 90% of all Loot box and NFT sales with $MONEY are redistributed as dividends to holders.
🔥 The remaining 10% is burned as a deflationary measure.
🌲 1 million NFTrees to collect
🤑 The more $MONEY you have, the greater your odds of winning the lottery, and you’ll receive a higher percentage of dividends too!
⚖️ All of Money Tree’s outcomes are determined by Chainlink’s VRF guaranteeing transparent and fair results for all.
🔏Locked Liquidity:
🔥 Burnt Liqudity:
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2021.10.17 18:03 Jolly_Permission_299 knochen knochen mein oof

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2021.10.17 18:03 Spinaker86 [WTS] Misc AR Parts and Mags. Tango down, B5, Radian, Magpul (VA)

Hi GAFS, heading to the PO tomorrow so I figure I might as well throw these up to make the most of it.
FDE Tango Down Stubby VFG - $50
No Salt.
Coyote Brown B5 Sopmod Stock - $70
Was acquired for a build that I never finished, basically new minus the box.
Radian Raptor and Talon in FDE - $100
Was on the same lower as the B5, never saw a round.
Magpul PMAGs, 3x Gen 3 Windowed, 3x Gen 2 Windowed. 6 Total. - $65
All in great Shape.
Addons will not sell by themselves not worth it for shipping costs
Magpul Bad lever - $15
Magpul K2+ FDE - $15
I can not accept PayPal due to getting the banhammer for a note over a year ago. I can accept Venmo and most other forms of Payments.
Any questions feel free to ask.
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2021.10.17 18:03 micmur998 just a few Sunday peppers

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2021.10.17 18:03 marsirack No friends: only previous victims today.

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2021.10.17 18:03 BeChristianTrust Winning Complication

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2021.10.17 18:03 Dry_Pay4454 Anyone at all wanna do this trade ?

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2021.10.17 18:03 EddyLance Metroid Dread - Save file Request

Hello, guys
Had to make an urgency format and lost my save file. Does anyone have a save file for Metroid Dread right before or right after the multi-missile upgrade (I believe it's called the storm missile?)
Thanks from now!
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2021.10.17 18:03 rubes___ Real Sociedad W 0 - [1] Levante W - Carolina Férez 89’

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2021.10.17 18:03 Trinidad638 I can’t seem to stop creeping on this car.

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