The Changeling

2021.10.17 18:00 8kittycatsfluff The Changeling

I bought one of those random dvd lots on ebay, and this was one of the movies in the lot. I had never heard of it before, but after learning that it was a horror flick, I decided to check it out.
And I loved it. It had a decent plot, and it was scary. There were some scenes that were just downright creepy. And no tacky jump scares or gore, so this definitely is a win win movie for me.
Has anyone else seen this movie? What did you think of it?
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2021.10.17 18:00 fruttsalad Review subreddit

Hey everyone, does anyone know if there is a subreddit for Fansly reviews? Something like onlyfansreviews or realonlyfansreviews would be amazing, but I’ve found nothing so far.
I asked the mods at onlyfansreviews if answering requests with our Fansly link is allowed, and they said no, unless we also have an OF page (which I don’t anymore).
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.17 18:00 aneasyusername [US-FL] [H] GMK Dracula Base + Minify, [W] Paypal, Trades

Prices are shipped to CONUS. Thanks for looking!

Have Want
GMK Dracula (Base, Minify Kits. Sealed) $420
Dixie/Omnitype Meka Grey deskmat (Unused) $30
ai03/kbdfans silver aluminum switch opener $15
Evil Box + Robot Candy Co foam insert and silicone band $30
Zorb Silversnow Shepherd $70
GAF Hype Refused Grimace v2 Trades
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2021.10.17 18:00 Pointless_crayon0398 Any must watch recommendations based on my favorite series ?

I prefer shows with sharp writing and top-tier character development the most . These are the shows I've watched and enjoyed the most :
Bojack horseman
Mr Robot
Breaking bad
Haunting of the hill house
Six feet under
The expanse
Better call saul
The wire
I'm currently watching the Sopranos and also enjoying that .
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2021.10.17 18:00 KrysCrannor Now that we have better performances with dx11, wouldn't be awesome to have expanded maps instead of the emptiness we got over the boundaries?

Since we got our mounts, most of the time in the core maps it's so easy to see what's over the boundaries of each one. I know that's difficult to see in newer maps but, usually in most games, even if the play area is small, there's more terrain to see in the distance, even if you can't really get there. If you take Skyrim as an example, it's possible to see Morrowind or Cyrodiil and the tower in the Imperial City. You can't go there, but that's better to see an empty void surrounding the game map. A couple of days ago, with my now full mastered skyscale, i tried to reach the floating castle (i know i would end up with poor results, i just wanted to get as close as possible by myself) but, when i turned around, i saw how much of a mess Kessex Hills was from above and how the map just endend abruptly.
I'm not asking to reach every map seamlessly, i understand how the game works and how every maps is basically an instance with a lot of players in it, i'm asking to add near maps in order to hide the fact that every map is a stand-alone play area floating in the emptiness.
Could that be possible with the game engine? Could it be too much work to do?
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2021.10.17 18:00 ziothealaktis When you are totally and utterly f*cked but you press on anyways

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2021.10.17 18:00 AlepSopalk Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans | NFL, Regular Season (Oct 17, 01:00PM ET)

WINNINGS ODDS Indianapolis Colts When the odds are 0.2 the expected chance of winning is 83%, but this team actually wins 67% matches with these odds. Houston Texans Currently there are no rating parameters
MATCH INFO Start time: Oct 17, 01:00PM ET Round: 6 Competition: NFL, Regular Season
Watch this stream:

Please bookmark the website you watch to you can watch the next matches
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2021.10.17 18:00 sadisticmystic1 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gen 4 Super Contests

My ribbon journey is getting to the point where the next thing to do is...of course, Super Contests. Which naturally means that I'm going to learn everything I can about how they work, to be better prepared for actually doing them. Even if it means breaking new frontiers that no one outside of Game Freak ever thought about. Here are my findings, because once they're out there, they're...out there.
Like in any contest, it starts with... Visual Round
This is similar to round 1 in Hoenn contests, as it's where your prepared contest stats come into play. The basic calculation is even still the same: 100% of the main contest stat, plus 50% of the adjacent stats, plus 50% of sheen. However, being Sinnoh, it brings its own idiosyncrasies of course. One of them is that the scarf component works differently: instead of being a +20 increase to the raw stat of its corresponding color (with a cap at 255), it now adds 10% to the raw point total, or 5% if it's an adjacent-colored scarf. This ends up being a more impactful boost, and the maximum point total is now 700 instead of 637 for using a scarf on a string of three consecutive maximized stats (though as it turns out, the scarf doesn't give any benefit in this case).
The biggest difference, of course, is the dress-up component. Not only is this a time-sensitive component where you have to hurry to find the right page and drags all the relevant props over, the fact that there are 12 different contest themes (unrelated to the contest types, only the rank) to provide more variety, changing up the set of props that happen to be valuable.
The other thing is...while the old contest stat formula continues to be used, it's not used in the same way as it was in Hoenn. If you're familiar with my Pokeblock reference sheet, the format I prefer to work with that number in is to divide it by 20, so that it's on the same scale as hearts in round 2, and the totals from both rounds are then added up into a raw number. But that's not how it works here: the score that's taken as a primitive for the purpose of scaling to the final standings is in fact hearts. As each Pokemon is being introduced after the dress-up phase, a number of hearts will pop up on the bottom screen to represent the audience's reaction. There can be a maximum of 12: 8 red hearts for the contest stats, and 4 pink hearts for prop coordination. Any 9-heart round, for instance, is exactly as good as anyone else who showed up with 9 hearts in the same contest. Any remainders that would have been, say, half of what it takes to reach the next heart threshold are disregarded for all purposes, so chasing them (in Sinnoh at least) is pointless. For instance, the 552 raw score that Fantina gets in a Cool contest is no better than the 525 she gets in a Beauty contest: both are simplified down to merely "6 red hearts" and that's the end of that.
Of course, some of you will be building a Pokeblock kit starting in RSE with the mindset that it needs to hold up for 2 generations of contests. With that in mind, here's the scale showing the Hoenn heart-value thresholds, as used in my reference materials, it takes to correspond to the jump points for Sinnoh contests. Some of these thresholds might be a bit more generous than what's listed if the Hoenn stats are running into a maximum to prevent the scarf from getting full value.
1|15.55 2|17.40 3|19.20 4|21.00 5|22.85 6|24.65 7|26.50 8|28.30
For what it's worth, 18.30 round-1 hearts in Hoenn corresponds to a perfect 8 hearts in Sinnoh Ultra rank contests, which you shouldn't have trouble with anyway. Players attempting to build a kit in Hoenn using only NPC blend partners, and without using berries traded over from the GC games, will have to settle for 3-4 red hearts all around, but including those berries in the repertoire can bump you up to 6-7 heart stats.
Anyway, I've managed to find the data file in which opponents' contest stats are stored, and in a completely separate file, the list of what props make up their loadout. Interestingly, each opponent only has a single graphic, and is always considered to use the same set of props regardless of what theme comes up. That means I can make a chart listing all the opponents with the heart scores they'll get whenever they show up in the visual round, depending on contest type and theme. Master rank opponents only, for brevity (the lower ranks are immensely easier, and with two exceptions they don't even use the maximum allowed number of props). If an opponent is shown with - in a contest stat column, then like Hoenn contests, that opponent will never be chosen for the given contest type. Between the contest type and theme put together, no opponent will ever score more than 10 hearts, where the maximum is 12, so if your Pokeblocks or Poffins are good enough, you will always have at least a bit of room to take the outright lead.
Entrant|Cool|Beauty|Cute|Smart|Tough|Created|Natural|Colorful|Shapely|Sharp|Solid|Bright|Gaudy|Flexible|Festive|Intangible|Relaxed|W ---------+--+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Josiah & Ziggy|-|4|-|-|-|3|3|1|4|3|3|4|4|2|3|3|2|R Carly & Bumbles|4|4|-|4|-|3|2|2|4|2|3|3|3|2|2|3|2|U Bryant & Chopper|-|-|-|5|6|3|1|2|4|2|3|3|3|3|2|2|2|U Nancy & Boo|4|-|-|4|4|3|1|2|4|3|2|2|2|3|2|3|3|R Zachery & Speedy|-|-|-|5|5|4|2|1|4|2|3|3|3|3|1|2|3|U Tanya & Chimpy|5|5|-|-|-|3|1|1|4|2|3|3|3|3|2|3|3|R Elias & Penny|5|-|4|-|5|3|2|1|4|3|3|3|4|3|3|3|2|R Marisa & Rampy|-|-|5|5|-|2|3|1|4|4|2|4|4|3|2|3|2|R Kelvin & Zippy|4|5|5|-|-|4|1|2|4|3|3|3|4|2|3|2|2|U Chloe & Bebop|-|4|5|-|-|3|2|1|4|3|3|3|3|3|2|3|2|R Rodney & Twigs|-|-|4|-|4|4|2|2|4|2|3|3|3|3|3|3|2|U Hailey & Moppet|-|-|4|5|-|4|2|3|3|3|4|3|4|2|3|2|2|L Kaleb & Strix|4|-|-|-|-|3|2|2|4|3|3|3|3|3|2|3|3|R Ashlyn & Murky|4|5|-|-|-|3|3|1|4|3|3|4|4|3|2|2|2|R Alberto & Noodle|5|5|-|-|4|3|1|3|4|3|3|3|3|3|2|3|3|L Fantina & Loony|6|6|-|5|6|3|2|0|4|3|2|4|3|4|2|3|1|U Johanna & Jumpy|6|-|6|-|6|3|1|1|4|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|U Kristin & Jolt|-|4|-|4|-|3|1|2|4|2|3|4|3|3|4|4|2|R Casey & Pinky|-|-|4|-|5|4|2|2|4|3|4|4|4|3|3|3|2|R Jasmine & Rusty|-|6|5|5|5|5|4|1|2|3|2|4|4|4|2|3|2|2|U
With all this data in front of you, it's only (The N)atural to wonder which contest themes your opponents tend to be most proficient at, and which ones they lag behind in to give you the best opportunity to pull away to a bigger lead. That's easy:
Theme|Avg. --------+----- Natural|3.90 Gaudy|3.35 Bright|3.30 Shapely|3.25 Solid|3.00 Flexible|2.80 Intangible|2.75 Colorful|2.7 Festive|2.45 Relaxed|2.25 Sharp|1.75 Created|1.60
So yeah. I've heard some people occasionally advocate for resetting if Johanna shows up as an opponent, but it's really not that bad. You might do better to reset if Natural shows up as the contest theme, regardless of who the opponents are.
Dance Round
The most relevant piece of data as it regards most DDR-like games is the timing window. That's the most straightforward piece here: an Excellent grade is given for a button press that's within 2 frames of the correct beat, a Good grade represents exactly 3 frames away from the beat in either direction, and any more separation results in a Miss grade. (For backup dancers, pressing the wrong button will also result in a Miss, no matter how accurate the timing is.)
There's also some more involved, more fascinating, treasure troves about this minigame, mostly regarding the fact that they had to implement AI players and attempt to create some kind of psychology as to how they should operate. What their limitations are, in other words.
Those of you who examined that big table in the Visual section may have noticed the final column, labeled "W" and full of letters instead of numbers. What is that, anyway? Well, it turns out the AI players have a little secret that they don't want you to become aware of: Each individual opponent has a "weakness" to one particular direction during the dance round, and is more likely to miss on steps in that direction compared to steps in other directions.
In fact, as alluded to above, there are two possible sources of errors: a note can be hit off-beat, or the wrong step altogether can be taken. In-game, there are likewise two variables for the AI trainers to simulate these. And it turns out, the "rhythm error bar" related to the step weakness! * Opponents whose weakness is the Up step have a "rhythm error" of 1. Their timing will never be more than 1 frame off the beat in either direction. This is notably too small for them to ever receive a Good grade; the only scores they can get are Excellent or Miss. * Opponents whose weakness is the Down step have a rhythm error of 2. In Master rank, their timing falls in a window between 2 frames before the beat and 1 frame after the beat, which is again good enough for all Excellents as long as they get the right step, but not necessarily so if you play in lower ranks. * Opponents whose weakness is the Right step have a rhythm error of 3. Again, in Master rank this results in only Excellents (covering the entire window, 2 frames before to 2 frames after), but has a bigger chance of drifting off into the Good window lower down. * Opponents whose weakness is the Left step have a rhythm error of 4. In Master rank this translates to 3 frames before to 2 frames after, so this is the only weakness that can allow a Master rank opponent to receive any Goods at all (1/6 of the time). Obviously, lower ranks give it more room to spread out and result in off-rhythm misses. * In Master rank, the rhythm error is divided by 3 for the lead dancer (so they will always be exactly on-rhythm), and goes back to its natural value for backups. * In Ultra rank, the rhythm error is divided by 2 for the lead, and multiplied by 1.5 for the backups. * In Great rank, the rhythm error is its natural value for the lead, but doubled for the backups. * In Normal rank, rhythm error is doubled for all opponents.
The other source of error is "misclick error", which is a percentage chance that the opponent hits the wrong direction and thus secures an automatic Miss (obviously, this applies only to the backups, not the lead). To encapsulate this, they tried to figure out what traits make a pattern difficult to follow along with for human players, and enumerated a few things that can induce these players to mess up as well, though maybe not in the same way: * If the direction of the next step is this opponent's "weak direction", start with a misclick rate of 3%, otherwise start from 0%. * If the previous step was on a whole beat (one of the bright vertical lines on the music staff) and the upcoming step is on a half-beat (one of the dim lines), or vice versa, add 2% to the misclick rate. (This doesn't apply to the first step of each phrase; that step only factors in whether it's the weak direction or not.) * If there is a gap of at least four full beats between the previous step and the upcoming step, add 5% to the misclick rate. (Each phrase is only 8 beats long, so it's not possible to spread notes out wide enough that this penalty can possibly apply to more than one note per phrase. It's also physically impossible to place two notes any closer than one full beat apart.) * If the previous step was in a different direction than the upcoming step, add 8% to the misclick rate. * At this point, multiply the misclick rate by 1.5 in Master or Ultra rank (rounding down to the nearest whole percent) or 2 in Great or Normal Rank. Then add the value of that opponent's rhythm error variable (in Master rank, this will always be between 1 and 4), treating it as a percentage, and you arrive at the final percentage of getting the opponent to press the wrong direction.
If you take an RM through the lower ranks, you might find that the step patterns there specifically avoid a lot of these trouble spots; for instance, in Normal rank the other dancers will only put steps on whole beats when it's their turn to lead, never on half-beats, and they have a 90% chance of incorporating the same direction twice in a row. This probably makes it easier for you, but it's also easier for the other competitors to follow along.
With all this in mind, you might look at the big chart again and see that your mom, Fantina, and Jasmine all have a weakness to Up, but that doesn't mean the best idea is to spam Up-Up-Up-Up. Work the other bonuses in as well with a pattern like Down-Up-Down-Up! At best, if you give them a Down followed 4½ beats later by the Up step to trip the weakness, they will have a 28% chance of hitting the wrong button on that second step. Why, that's almost as good as your chances of hitting Fissure!
So why not give it a try to prey on their simplistic psychology, then?
Acting Round
So, a bit of a statistical lesson. If every performer chose their judge at random, you would expect to get the +3 end-of-turn bonus (for being the only performer who chose the particular judge you did) about 30% of the time. But if you're trudging through the perfunctory lower ranks to load up your RM, you might have noticed you're hitting the full bonus a lot more often than that. And as a matter of fact, there is some fishy business going on there. But first, we need to talk about parallel universes the way AI handles move selection.
The AI behavior array has 164 entries, which are broken down by the order a player is moving in: about 40 rules for the player who's going first, 40 rules for the player who's going second...I won't go over every single one of the rules; we're not trying to write War and Peace here. But the first rule serves as a very straightforward example. It says "If you're moving first, and you have a move that matches the contest type, and there is at least one judge sitting at 4 voltage, then get the bonus for this rule applying." This makes sense, because if you're moving first then nobody can beat you to the punch, and you get to take an uncontested shot at the voltage jackpot as long as there's a move to do so with. This rule has a rather strong bonus attached to it, and the bonuses are another place where the step weakness factors in, under the guise of serving as different personalities for the AI players. For this rule, the bonus is +70 for trainers whose weakness is Up, +90 if it's Down or Right, and +50 if it's Left. The score is then added to the move preference (in this case, for every move that shares a type with the contest, and none of the moves that don't), and because this rule cares about the presence of a judge at 4 voltage, the same score is also given to the player's preference for that particular judge. Most of the other rules have smaller impacts, like +10 to +30, though there are some dismissive rules. If a Pokemon has a move that explicitly does something for next turn, like jumping up to position 1, or scrambling the order, or making the next move count double...well, if it's turn 4 then there is no "next turn", and some of the AI rules check for the presence of such moves and give them tremendous discouragement, -1000, so they won't waste the turn trying to use those moves.
At the end of the whole flowchart, they'll have a list of scores for each move, as well as scores for each judge. If one of the moves stands alone with the highest score, that's the move they'll use; if there's a tie, they've already gone through all the factors they use to decide on a preference, so all that's left to do is pick between the tied options at random.
Choosing a judge is the same way, provided that any rules have activated that give a preference to one judge over another. But this is where the "cheating" comes in. Players are supposed to choose a move and a judge without getting to peek at each other's choices, but on lower tiers, the AI players will brazenly cheat to your benefit by looking at what judge you picked, and a certain percentage of the time, giving a discouragement of -100 points to that judge. * On Normal rank, there is a 90% chance for this discouragement to kick in. Even if it doesn't, they would still have to luck into picking the same judge as you, so assuming no preference for any judge and a purely random selection, each opponent will luck into choosing the same judge as you just 1 out of 30 times, and you'll get through the whole turn without colliding with any opponents, and get the full +3 uniqueness bonus, a whopping 90% of the time. * On Great rank, the discouragement applies 50% of the time. This means each opponent has a 1/6 chance of colliding with you assuming random selections, and a 58% chance that you won't collide with any of them. * On Ultra rank, it applies 20% of the time. This means each opponent has a 4/15 chance of colliding with you assuming random selections, and a 39% chance that you don't collide with any of them. * By Master rank, they're playing it straight: there is a 0% chance for this logic to come up, and the naive odds of collisions finally apply. Note that there is no logic anywhere for cheating in the opposite direction, i.e. intentionally engineering a collision with your judge choice, at any rank, though if you have some reasoning for picking a judge, it's possible that an opponent might also have reasoning leading them to the same conclusion. You could, for example, see judges with voltage stats of 4, 3, and 0 and you pick the 0 in an attempt to take the less-traveled road and avoid a traffic fight, but one of your opponents could have Taunt to let them benefit from the low voltage, and in that case...too bad!
Note that even if this "cheat" method of discouragement applies, the -100 won't always be a big enough factor to be decisive. If that "going first facing a 4-voltage judge" rule applies, for +70 or +90 or whatever, there will also necessarily be some rules behind it that also apply (like a rule encouraging type-matching moves in general, but to a smaller extent than that). If enough of those rules create a judge preference greater than 100, it's possible that they could still want to pick that judge anyway after the deduction, so your own attempt to pick the 4-voltage judge while moving 4th, hoping that doing so will convince everyone else to back away as a result, proves foolhardy.
At some point, I might actually release a predictor tool that incorporates all 164 rules to let you know if there is a preference for what your opponents might want to do, and whether they're being guided toward a particular judge. Not today, though.
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2021.10.17 18:00 texasramrt Frankenstein sbr

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2021.10.17 18:00 TradFortyFive [FREE] FWC BIG KEY x LIL MELLO x HARD FLINT Type Beat - "Nobody Keeping Score"

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2021.10.17 18:00 Drowndragon10 Sheesh, a thousand reacts 🟡

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2021.10.17 18:00 TheHeken Fastest build in the game for going pack to pack?

Attempting Marksman as I figured the range + shift would allow the transition from pack to pack to be "blow up screen (multishot) > shift > repeat" but it still feels rather slow at times. Is this the fastest mastery at the moment or is there another I could experiment with?
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2021.10.17 18:00 nfrankel Kotlin and FaaS, an impossible union?

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2021.10.17 18:00 Better-Ad-5569 People who went to a private school growing up, what was it like? Would you ever want to attend a public school?

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2021.10.17 18:00 AlepSopalk Detroit Lions vs Cincinnati Bengals | NFL, Regular Season (Oct 17, 01:00PM ET)

MATCH INFO Start time: Oct 17, 01:00PM ET Round: 6 Competition: NFL, Regular Season
Watch this stream:

Please bookmark the website you watch to you can watch the next matches
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2021.10.17 18:00 Airis1k Need help with a code

Currently Im learning to program with arrays. I have wrote a code which prints the highest number of array and the smallest one. After that the highest number of array swaps with the smallest one. Everything worked fine. So I decided to change a little bit code. I tried to write everything but using ArrayList. It was easy, I changed a few things and it worked well. But I got a problem with swapping the highest number of array with the smallest one. When I try to print the code it says the variable expected, also there is something wrong with the return numbers. getMax and getMin methods are working.

ArrayList numbers = new ArrayList(); numbers.add(-7); numbers.add(-4); numbers.add(-3); numbers.add(-2); numbers.add(-1); numbers.add(5); numbers.add(6); numbers.add(7); numbers.add(8); numbers.add(11); System.out.println("Max and min swap: "); getMinAndMaxSwap(numbers, getMinOfArrayElements(numbers), getMaxOfArrayElements(numbers)); for (int x = 0; x < numbers.size(); x++) { System.out.print(numbers.get(x) + " "); } static int getMaxOfArrayElements(ArrayList numbers) { int max = -999999; int index1 = 0; for (int i = 0; i < numbers.size(); i++) { if (numbers.get(i) > max) { max = numbers.get(i); index1 = i; } } return index1; } static int getMinOfArrayElements(ArrayList numbers) { int min = 999999; int index2 = 0; for (int i = 0; i < numbers.size(); i++) { if (numbers.get(i) < min) { min = numbers.get(i); index2 = i; } } return index2; } public static int[] getMinAndMaxSwap(ArrayList numbers, int getMinOfArrayElements, int getMaxOfArrayElements) { int swap; swap = numbers.get(getMinOfArrayElements); numbers.get(getMinOfArrayElements) = numbers.get(getMaxOfArrayElements); numbers.get(getMaxOfArrayElements) = swap; return numbers; } 
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2021.10.17 18:00 pork26 When Joe heard hecklers yelling let's go Brandon, he said I like kids......... better than people

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2021.10.17 18:00 AlepSopalk Detroit Lions vs Cincinnati Bengals | NFL, Regular Season (Oct 17, 01:00PM ET)

MATCH INFO Start time: Oct 17, 01:00PM ET Round: 6 Competition: NFL, Regular Season
Watch this stream:

Please bookmark the website you watch to you can watch the next matches
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2021.10.17 18:00 Chappers1513 Sorry for the quality but does this look like ich?

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2021.10.17 18:00 MRBIGCAT99 PS Store on PS5 now has "New Game" strand on top page, making it super easy to find newly released games

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2021.10.17 18:00 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
McDonald's Crew Team Member Becker
McDonald's McDonald's Crew Memeber Becker
McDonald's McDonald's Crew Team Member Becker
Instacart Grocery shopper Northfield
Instacart Grocery shopper Osseo
Hormel Foods HiLo Driver Byron
Hormel Foods General Laborer Byron
Hormel Foods Sushi Roller Stewartville
Sysco Diesel Fleet Mechanic Technician Dilworth
FedEx Ground FedEx - Warehouse Pro Grand Meadow
Shipt Food Store Shopper and Delivery Driver Hanover
FedEx Ground Warehouse Package Handler Hugo
K & B Transportation Class A OTR Truck Drivers - Great Benefits Lincoln
FedEx Ground Warehouse Package Handler Lino Lakes
Bayada Home Health Care Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Brooklyn Center
Ashley Distribution Services CDL-A Regional LTL Truck Driver Columbia Heights
Ashley Distribution Services Regional CDL-A Truck Driver Crookston
Party City Holdings Corporation Team Lead - Retail - Hiring North Mankato
Benedictine Health System Occupational Therapist/Occupational Therapy Assistant Ada
Aveanna Healthcare Home Health - Physical Therapist - $4,000 Hiring Bonus Aitkin
CNH Industrial Assembler 1st Shift Benson
Horizontal BA/Quality Systems Lead - Validation Mounds View
Benedictine Health System Activities Assistant (Casual/On-Call) - New Brighton, MN New Brighton
Benedictine Health System LPN - Benedictine Living Community- Rochester - $2500 Hire On Bonus Rochester-Byron
Pro Staff Concrete Production Albany
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mn. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.10.17 18:00 autotldr Melbourne to ease world’s longest Covid-19 lockdown

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 71%. (I'm a bot)

While coronavirus cases keep rising in Victoria state, of which Melbourne is the capital, the state's double-vaccination rate is set to reach 70 percent this week, allowing for the ease in restrictions.
Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politics.
On Sunday, Victoria recorded 1,838 new coronavirus cases and seven deaths.
Neighbouring New South Wales, which emerged last week from a 100-day lockdown, reported 301 cases and 10 deaths.
The new strategy makes lockdowns highly unlikely once 80 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.
Neighbouring New Zealand, which is also learning to live with Covid-19 by accelerating inoculations, reported 51 new cases on Sunday, 47 of them in the largest city Auckland, which has been in a lockdown since mid-August.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: new#1 lockdown#2 cases#3 percent#4 vaccinated#5
Post found in /news, /AutoNewspaper and /NBCauto.
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2021.10.17 18:00 Vsegda7 Sumida and Kama in Liyue

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2021.10.17 18:00 woznito 1.19 is a perfect opportunity to bring back and expand upon a scraped idea - dyed wooden planks.

With 1.19 approaching the introduction of Mangrove trees (and likely more in the future), I think it would be an absolute perfect time to introduce an old idea that never quite made it into the game - dyed wooden planks.
As shown [here](http://"Colorable Planks Mod | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons" , the idea is simple - the ability to use dye on wooden blocks and their counterparts (stairs, slabs, possibly doors and other novelties). I believe this idea would work great for a couple of reasons such as many wood colors look the same or have a very minute difference (Mangrove vs. Jungle is a big one), it would add a ton of new building blocks into the game in parallel with my next suggestion, and it would be a very minecraft-y idea that would work well in any type of gamemode and would not negativly affect gameplay in any way.
Let's address the elephant in the room - if you could dye an Oak block orange, wouldn't it just be an acacia block? In the current state, you would be correct... but let's take an idea from many texture packs (such as the City Texture Park from legacy console and PE, shown [here.](http://"Wii U - Minecraft: Wii U Edition - Blocks (City Texture Pack) - The Textures Resource" - wooden blocks have their own unique textures based on the type of wood - in the image, you can clearly see Oak planks retain the classic MC texture, whereas spruce, birch, and acacia all look very different.
Here is is my suggestion - I suggest every tree type be given it's own textures/patterns for their respective wooden planks in base MC - with the ability to then dye these blocks - leading to a new reason for players to collect dye, go out and harvest different and new tree types, as well as compliment the experience of Minecraft without adding some new complex or other worldy feature. With more and more trees being added, I feel as though this feature would prevent types from looking too similair and give each biome a bit more personality - in short, I believe this would compliment 1.19 and MC as a whole.
Let me be clear - retexturing and allowing recolors to every plank block would be a huge undertaking for the team - an absolutely massive one. If it wasn't in 1.19 that woulf be completely understandable. Regardless, with the new textures we have seen for old blocks and the amount of customization present, I believe this feature would and should absolutly happen.
Let me know what you think!
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2021.10.17 18:00 Spacivus [PC-New] W: 2 Monastery Scimitars H: Ask (SM: 30k)

Looking for some spinning spinning fun.
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