@Reuters: ICYMI: Birds flock and swirl across Dutch skies in stunning murmuration over Burgerveen https://t.co/1MzyFZBKUO

2021.10.17 18:07 -en- @Reuters: ICYMI: Birds flock and swirl across Dutch skies in stunning murmuration over Burgerveen https://t.co/1MzyFZBKUO

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2021.10.17 18:07 Slight-Finish-2374 another day in Indian reality show

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2021.10.17 18:07 minimalmtb 7.4KM of Jumps and Flow in Revelstoke, BC

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2021.10.17 18:07 -en- @Reuters: Pope condemns attacks in Norway, Afghanistan and Britain, following Amess stabbing https://t.co/4vzoCO5jyr https://t.co/01oMc36hR5

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2021.10.17 18:07 OneMess5594 Amazon liquidation store in Washington

Can anybody help me find a Amazon bin store in Washington state, I just heard of them and thought it would be good way to make some extra money.
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2021.10.17 18:07 LegendaryX-Spades Alpha Kit PvP

come an join the realm we have kits, Events and crates a boss fight and vaults so come join now the realm code is UqZRB5DpbXQ
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2021.10.17 18:07 OutsideVideo4061 Agree to not sue?

I am soon starting a job in a machine shop as a machinist. I will be working around dangerous machinery. In the employment contract I was given, it says:
"10.1 The EMPLOYEE shall indemnify and hold THE COMPANY, its Affiliates, and their respective officers, directors and employees harmless from any and all claims, suits or proceedings, losses, damages, liabilities and costs (including, without limitation, legal fees), which are attributable to any act or omission of the EMPLOYEE including, but not limited to, any of such which arise from any injury or death to persons or loss of or injury to property and which are in any way connected with or arise out of this Agreement or the performance of the Services. "
It sounds like if something goes wrong, even if it's their fault, and I get injured, I waive my right to sue.
Is this standard? Also, is this enforceable? I am wondering if I should sign this contract.
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2021.10.17 18:07 Sorry_Signature_8014 Sali kayo dito guys kakagawa lang ng guild

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2021.10.17 18:07 t-shinji [Translation] BAND-MAID NIPPON: Episode 2 (2021-10-11)

This is a 30-minute radio show by Miku Kobato and Saiki on Nippon Broadcasting System from 18:50 to 19:20 on October 11, 2021 JST.

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(Jingle: Honkai)
00:13 Kobato: Welcome back home, masters and princesses. I’m Miku Kobato, the guitarist-vocalist of Band-Maid, po.
00:19 Saiki: I’m Saiki, the vocalist.
00:21 Kobato: You are now listening to BAND-MAID NIPPON by the two of us, po!
00:26 Kobato: Now, this is the second broadcast, following last week, po!
00:31 Saiki: Nice to meet you.
00:32 Kobato: Nice to meet you, po. What did you think of the first episode, po?
00:36 Saiki: How was that?… It was fun.
00:38 Kobato: It was a lot of fun at least for us, though, po.
00:40 Saiki: It was fun (laughs).
00:41 Saiki: I cracked up while talking.
00:43 Kobato: I wonder if those who were listening to it…
00:46 Saiki: Were they OK with that?
00:46 Kobato: … were OK with that, po, right? (laughs)
00:49 Saiki: Let’s just guess they were OK with that and start the second episode.
00:52 Kobato: The second episode… You’re right, po.
00:53 Saiki: Yes.
00:54 Kobato: In the previous episode, we talked a lot about our hobbies, or our personal things…
00:56 Saiki: That’s right. We told you a lot about ourselves, thankfully.
00:59 Kobato: Yeah, po. We talked a lot about our roots, as well as our songs, so this time, it would be nice if we could talk a little more about music, which is our profession, our career, po.
01:11 Saiki: Right, we must talk about that. Yes.
01:14 Kobato: This time, we have a special segment…
01:16 Saiki: A special segment!
01:17 Kobato: Yes, we have one, po.
01:19 Saiki: I’m thrilled.
01:20 Kobato: We’ve prepared a special segment for you to know about us more deeply, po. Please stay with us to the end, po!
01:28 Saiki: Yes.
01:28 Kobato: So, first of all, we’d like you to listen to a song, po.
01:33 Saiki: Yes.
01:34 Kobato: Different by Band-Maid.
02:56 Saiki: You are now listening to Different by Band-Maid.
03:00 Kobato: This program is hosted by the two of us, Kobato and Sai-chan, but today we’ll tell you also about the other three who are not here…
03:06 Saiki: Oh, right.
03:08 Saiki: You’re right.
03:09 Kobato: We’ll do it, po.
03:10 Saiki: We have more members with unique characters…
03:12 Kobato: That’s right, quite unique…
03:13 Saiki: I mean, our band.
03:14 Kobato: The two of us already have unique characters, po (laughs), because we say “po, po”, I mean, one of us, right?
03:19 Saiki: It’s you, Kobato.
03:20 Kobato: Yeah, um, uh, it’s me (laughs).
03:22 Saiki: I think I’m normal.
03:23 Kobato: Hmm, really? Are you sure? OK.
03:25 Saiki: Kobato, I think you are strange.
03:26 Kobato: Oh, well, I admit I’m strange, po. Yes (laughs). The other three are also all pretty unique…
03:33 Saiki: That’s right. Let’s talk about them.
03:34 Kobato: Today, we’d like to tell you briefly about each of them, po.
03:38 Saiki: First, about who?
03:39 Kobato: First, then, Kanami-chan, the guitarist.
03:41 Saiki: Yes.
03:42 Kobato: Kanami-chan is… I don’t know…
03:44 Saiki: (laughs) What? Such… such a feeling about her? (laughs)
03:45 Kobato: She’s very strange, po.
03:48 Kobato: Well (laughs), what should I say, people probably think I’m the most insane among Band-Maid…
03:53 Saiki: They think so.
03:54 Kobato: They think so, po, but I think Kanami is also pretty insane, po (laughs).
03:59 Saiki: (laughs) I agree with that.
04:01 Kobato: See? You agree with me, po, don’t you?
04:03 Saiki: Let me see, Kanami-chan has, you know, a duality…
04:07 Kobato: A duality. That’s right, po.
04:08 Saiki: … Is it OK to describe her so? (laughs)
04:09 Kobato: Yeah, she’s usually really dreamy, and very, um, soft…
04:15 Saiki: She’s a lady.
04:16 Kobato: Yeah. She’s like a lady.
04:18 Saiki: She’s like a princess.
04:19 Kobato: Oh, that’s right, somehow.
04:21 Saiki: Like a princess in the fairy land (laughs).
04:22 Kobato: Yeah, exactly, um, she would be sleeping!
04:25 Saiki: Oh, yeah! She’s like Sleeping Beauty!
04:26 Kobato: Just like that. Yeah.
04:27 Saiki: She’s like a graceful princess, but…
04:29 Kobato: That’s right, po. She has an image of playing with little birds, po.
04:32 Saiki: Oh, yeah, exactly! I understand that (laughs).
04:34 Kobato: In the woods, right? (laughs)
04:35 Saiki: However, once she holds a guitar, she’s so…
04:37 Kobato: Awesome, po.
04:39 Saiki: She changes her character.
04:39 Kobato: She becomes a different person, po.
04:42 Saiki: She gets aggressive, with a cool vibe.
04:43 Kobato: So aggressive, and, you know, she plays the guitar while bending backwards.
04:48 Saiki: (laughs)
04:49 Kobato: And Kanami-chan is not the type to go to the front herself, but when she plays a guitar solo…
04:57 Saiki: Absolutely.
04:57 Kobato: Like, she goes to the front more than anyone else.
05:00 Saiki: Like, “Look at me!” (laughs)…
05:02 Kobato: (laughs) She becomes so, po.
05:03 Saiki: … She’s like that.
05:04 Kobato: Kanami-chan made quite a lot of legends…
05:07 Saiki: Yeah, she did.
05:08 Kobato: She made them, po, right?
05:09 Saiki: Let’s talk about them sometime later.
05:10 Kobato: Yeah, OK, po.
05:11 Saiki: Or there would be too much information.
05:12 Kobato: There would be too much. So, let’s go on to the next, po.
05:14 Saiki: Let’s go on to the next.
05:15 Kobato: So, um, she’s a guitarist with such a duality.
05:18 Saiki: Is that explanation OK? (laughs)
05:18 Kobato: (laughs)
05:19 Saiki: Is it OK? (laughs)
05:20 Kobato: But she’s cool.
05:21 Saiki: Exactly.
05:22 Kobato: She’s a guitarist truly with both cuteness and coolness…
05:24 Saiki: Yeah, she has both. She has a switch, she changes with a switch.
05:27 Kobato: Yeah, she can switch, po. Kanami-chan, the guitarist.
05:30 Saiki: Yes.
05:30 Kobato: So, next…
05:31 Saiki: Um, who’s next?
05:32 Kobato: Misa, the bassist.
05:33 Saiki: Misa-chan.
05:34 Kobato: What Misa-chan surprises everyone first with is that her stage drink is…
05:40 Saiki: Whiskey.
05:40 Kobato: Whiskey, straight.
05:41 Saiki: Yeah.
05:42 Kobato: Literally, po.
05:43 Saiki: This is literally true. She actually gets drunk (laughs).
05:46 Kobato: Yeah, absolutely. However, at festivals and in short appearances…
05:51 Saiki: … it seems she doesn’t have time to drink then…
05:54 Kobato: Only a little.
05:54 Saiki: So she complains, but, at our solo concerts…
05:58 Kobato: We do solo concerts as long as 2 hours…
06:01 Saiki: … in the latter half, she gets dizzy, or drunk.
06:07 Kobato: She gets drunk, po. She’s almost about to be wasted, po.
06:09 Saiki: She looks so.
06:11 Kobato: Well, but, what should I say, her bass gets groovier…
06:14 Saiki: It gets better. Yeah, her bass play gets better then…
06:16 Kobato: She plays it better.
06:17 Kobato: Probably because she gets nervous easily…
06:19 Saiki: Oh, yeah, because she’s pure.
06:22 Kobato: Because she’s very pure. She has the purest heart among Band-Maid.
06:26 Saiki: Yeah. Her appearance is like a cool beauty…
06:29 Kobato: Yeah, a cool beauty.
06:30 Saiki: Or like an Asian beauty, though… [Note: When Japanese say “Asian beauty” they mean models like Sayoko Yamaguchi and Ai Tominaga.]
06:30 Kobato: An Asian beauty.
06:32 Kobato: She’s very popular overseas, po, right?
06:35 Saiki: Yeah, she’s the most popular.
06:37 Kobato: Yeah. They even chant loud like “Misa, Misa”.
06:40 Saiki: They even chant.
06:41 Kobato: Because Misa-chan is popular, with her long black hair.
06:44 Saiki: Right.
06:44 Kobato: Yeah.
06:45 Saiki: But she’s pure.
06:46 Kobato: Right, when we talk with her, she somehow makes us feel as if we were her mother, po, right?
06:53 Saiki: She has a contrast in a sense.
06:55 Kobato: That’s right, po.
06:56 Saiki: She has a contrast as strong as Kanami-chan.
06:57 Kobato: She has a contrast, po, because she drinks a lot of whiskey on stage…
07:01 Saiki: Because they’re scared by her at first, I mean, our fans.
07:04 Kobato: Because she doesn’t talk much in particular.
07:06 Saiki: Yeah, exactly, I often see comments like “I thought she was scary”.
07:11 Kobato: Right, but actually, she laughs at something school kids would like…
07:14 Saiki: She cracks up.
07:14 Kobato: She laughs the most at extremely silly things…
07:17 Saiki: And she makes funny faces a lot.
07:18 Kobato: Yeah, she loves those things, po.
07:20 Saiki: She loves them.
07:21 Kobato: So, she’s totally opposite of being scary.
07:23 Saiki: Totally opposite.
07:24 Saiki: She might be the funniest member.
07:26 Kobato: That’s right, po, she’s the funniest member of Band-Maid, po, probably (laughs).
07:30 Saiki: But there’s another funny member.
07:31 Kobato: The other one is Akane, the drummer.
07:34 Saiki: She’s Akane.
07:34 Kobato: Akane, the drummer, is really funny.
07:38 Saiki: Why is she so?… (laughs)
07:40 Kobato: How can we explain that?
07:43 Saiki: It might be extremely rude of me, but she’s so silly and cute (laughs).
07:49 Kobato: I know it’s extremely rude to say this, but she’s so silly, po!
07:54 Saiki: She’s such a dumb bunny…
07:56 Kobato: Yeah, a lovable dumb bunny.
07:58 Saiki: A lovable dumb bunny. Like, “Ah-chan, how did that happen to you?”…
08:02 Kobato: We’re like “What happened to you?”, po, right?
08:04 Saiki: … We’re often like that, so she’s so cute.
08:06 Kobato: Yeah. Sometimes we can’t communicate with her, po, right?
08:09 Saiki: We can’t.
08:10 Saiki: We sometimes can’t play catch of conversation with her, though.
08:12 Kobato: Like, we throw a ball to her and she throws a flower back.
08:16 Saiki: Yeah, like, “Hey, wait, stop, stop” (laughs).
08:19 Saiki: I’m like “Wait, wait”.
08:21 Kobato: Right. But she’s really kind, from the bottom of her heart, po.
08:24 Kobato: When someone among us has worries, she cares more than anyone else…
08:30 Saiki: Yeah.
08:31 Kobato: She’s very…
08:32 Saiki: … kind.
08:32 Kobato: … kind, po, but she’s a dumb bunny.
08:35 Saiki: A dumb bunny.
08:36 Kobato: Also, um, she plays the drums so intensely that…
08:41 Saiki: Yeah!
08:41 Kobato: She’s sometimes called a gorilla, po.
08:42 Saiki: A gorilla (laughs).
08:45 Kobato: She looks very slim…
08:46 Saiki: Yeah, you know what…
08:47 Kobato: She looks cute, though, po.
08:48 Saiki: She has long, slim arms
08:50 Kobato: (laughs)
08:51 Saiki: Um, like a monkey…
08:52 Kobato: Oh, her arms’ shape? (laughs)
08:53 Saiki: Yeah, so, she’s like a gorilla…
08:54 Kobato: You mean their form, po?
08:55 Saiki: Yeah, they look so… they looked so to me.
08:58 Kobato: Yeah… I kind of understand, po.
09:01 Saiki: You understand that, don’t you?
09:02 Saiki: There was a picture showing that.
09:03 Kobato: Yeah, there are a lot, po.
09:04 Saiki: Right?
09:04 Kobato: Yeah.
09:05 Saiki: That’s why she’s been called so.
09:05 Kobato: There’s another reason, po.
09:08 Saiki: What’s that?
09:08 Kobato: Ah-chan, we call her so by the way, po, sometimes intentionally tries to look similar, po.
09:12 Saiki: Yeah! She sometimes put out the gorilla vibe.
09:14 Kobato: She sometimes put out the gorilla vibe, po.
09:16 Saiki: She’s definitely conscious of that when she eats bananas.
09:18 Kobato: Yeah, she’s conscious.
09:18 Saiki: (laughs)
09:19 Kobato: Because, you know, you usually don’t bring bananas to servings, po.
09:23 Saiki: Right. But she says that’s for her health.
09:26 Kobato: Yeah. She says so, but I think she definitely tries to look similar, po.
09:30 Saiki: Yeah.
09:30 Kobato: Because you don’t have to eat bananas, po.
09:30 Saiki: It’s all right if you have Weider, Weider jelly.
09:32 Kobato: It’s all right, po.
09:33 Saiki: (laughs)
09:34 Kobato: Hmm, like, why bananas?
09:35 Saiki: But she always eats bananas.
09:37 Kobato: She eats them, po. I think Akane is the only girl who first check if bananas are there after getting in a venue, po (laughs).
09:40 Saiki: She does. Yeah, she loves them.
09:44 Kobato: She loves them, po.
09:45 Saiki: Ah-chan loves gorillas (laughs).
09:48 Kobato: And she eats a lot, right?
09:49 Saiki: Yeah, exactly.
09:49 Kobato: She eats extremely a lot.
09:50 Saiki: She’s a big eater.
09:51 Kobato: A big eater.
09:52 Kobato: How is she these days, po?
09:54 Saiki: She eats a lot also these days.
09:55 Kobato: Oh, she’s, what should I say…
09:57 Saiki: She’s a picky eater, though.
09:58 Kobato: A very picky eater…
09:59 Saiki: She eats only a lot of foods she likes.
10:00 Kobato: She eats only rice and natto, po, seriously.
10:03 Saiki: She eats rice with natto at home.
10:06 Kobato: Yeah.
10:07 Saiki: A few bowls of rice.
10:08 Kobato: She said the rice in the rice cooker will be gone… in a moment, po, right?
10:12 Saiki: Yeah. She eats it all. She eats all the rice she cooks at once. [Note: cooked rice can be kept for a few days, so people usually don’t eat it at once.]
10:15 Kobato: She eats it all. Is it also because she’s a dumb bunny? (laughs)
10:21 Saiki: (laughs) Nah, that’s not the reason.
10:23 Saiki: But I don’t know…
10:24 Kobato: Po. She gets hungry soon, po, right?
10:25 Saiki: She said somehow she can’t be full.
10:26 Kobato: The drums… you know, she plays the drums intensely…
10:30 Saiki: Certainly. That can’t be helped, right?
10:30 Kobato: She beats them intensely like boom bang boom bang.
10:33 Saiki: That can’t be helped if she moves like that.
10:33 Kobato: It’s hard if you consume like that, po.
10:36 Kobato: Right? She needs more calories, naturally.
10:38 Saiki: You know, when Ah-chan couldn’t play the drums because of an injury, she got weight immediately. She was somewhat plump
10:43 Kobato: Oh, just a little, she got plump, a little plump, po.
10:46 Saiki: Right.
10:47 Kobato: Like, a pot belly.
10:47 Saiki: Ah-chan has a very slim jawline…
10:50 Kobato: That’s right, po.
10:51 Saiki: Her face looks pretty skinny…
10:53 Kobato: She looks so, po. They often worry about her, po.
10:55 Saiki: Yeah, when they only see her face. But she was plump then, right?
10:58 Kobato: Like, “Oh? Ah-chan, it looks”…
11:01 Saiki: Like ”Oh?” (laughs)
11:02 Kobato: Like, “Is your face puffy?”, po. Yeah.
11:06 Saiki: She was like that, so she has no choice but to play the drums in her life.
11:09 Kobato: That’s right (laughs).
11:11 Kobato: Well, Akane has drums, so…
11:14 Saiki: Good for her.
11:14 Kobato: Good for her, everyone says so, po.
11:15 Saiki: Yeah. Oh, right, everyone says so.
11:17 Kobato: And, you know, she can’t do multiplication.
11:20 Saiki: Well, let’s talk about that sometime later.
11:22 Kobato: OK.
11:22 Saiki: This explanation makes her look just dumb.
11:23 Kobato: Oh, then, next time we invite her here.
11:26 Saiki: (laughs)
11:27 Kobato: (laughs)
11:28 Saiki: Let’s actually show that.
11:28 Kobato: Let’s actually show that, po. By all means.
11:30 Saiki: Yeah, let’s do it. That’s nice.
11:31 Kobato: If we have a chance to invite her.
11:33 Saiki: Ah, let’s do it.
11:33 Kobato: It would be nice if we could do a radio show again (laughs).
11:35 Saiki: That’s right. Let’s do it.
11:37 Kobato: All right, we’ve told you about the other three, and the five of us like that… like that? (laughs) work together, po.
11:46 Kobato: We enjoy that, and all of us are really good friends, po.
11:49 Saiki: Too good friends.
11:50 Kobato: Right, they are surprised because we are such good friends, po.
11:53 Saiki: I was once told it’s creepy we are too good friends.
11:56 Kobato: Yeah, there are not so many all-girl bands whose members are good friends outside of work like this. Well, of course they are all good friends, though…
12:06 Saiki: But our friendship is…
12:09 Kobato: A little unusual, po, right?
12:11 Saiki: Yeah. We’re together as if we were a family…
12:12 Kobato: We’re a family, po, because in some periods we see each other every single day…
12:16 Saiki: There are such periods…
12:16 Kobato: Many periods, but now, because of COVID…
12:18 Saiki: We can’t see each other, though.
12:19 Kobato: We’re somewhat separate now, but using Line and Zoom…
12:25 Saiki: Using anything.
12:26 Kobato: Yeah, you know, we can be connected easily, right?
12:28 Saiki: Yeah, we’re connected (laughs).
12:29 Kobato: Please support us Band-Maid with such a friendship, po!
12:33 Saiki: Please.
12:35 Kobato: All right, let’s go on to the special segment, po!
12:40 Saiki: The special segment.
12:41 Kobato: So, Saiki-sensei, introduce the segment, po.
12:44 Saiki: “Crossroad Song”!
12:47 Kobato: Po!
12:48 Saiki: Yes.
12:49 Kobato: Well, we Band-Maid…
12:50 Saiki: What’s this?
12:51 Kobato: … play hard rock, but we’ve been each influenced by different music genres.
12:59 Saiki: That’s right.
13:00 Kobato: Po. This time, we’d like to talk about the songs that have changed the lives of the two of us, po.
13:08 Saiki: Yes.
13:08 Kobato: Yes.
13:09 Saiki: I understand.
13:09 Kobato: Well then, first, Sai-chan, please tell us about the song that has changed your life, po!
13:14 Saiki: Yes. The song that has changed my life is Namie Amuro-san’s Funky Town.
13:21 Kobato: Po! Sai-chan is almost associated with her…
13:27 Saiki: (laughs) That’s right.
13:28 Kobato: Yeah.
13:28 Saiki: Namie Amuro-san…
13:29 Kobato: You love her, po, right?
13:30 Saiki: I love her.
13:31 Kobato: Because…
13:32 Saiki: I think she’s my goddess.
13:34 Kobato: You were outrageous, po, on the day…
13:37 Saiki: What’s that?
13:37 Kobato: When Amuro-san announced her retirement.
13:41 Saiki: I’m so embarrassed!
13:42 Kobato: I’ll never forget that, po.
13:44 Saiki: (laughs)
13:44 Kobato: Um, on a Band-Maid tour…
13:47 Saiki: When was that?
13:47 Kobato: At a dress rehearsal just before the tour.
13:49 Saiki: Ah.
13:49 Kobato: Um, when we were running through a kind of final rehearsal, a noon news program or something…
13:57 Saiki: That’s right.
13:58 Kobato: … reported that, po.
13:59 Saiki: Yes, that’s right.
13:59 Kobato: And, Sai-chan saw the news during a small break in the practice, I mean, the rehearsal, and she fell off a chair… even though she was sitting on it properly.
14:14 Saiki: (laughs) Even though I was sitting, right?
14:15 Kobato: You were sitting, not standing, but you fell down and cried.
14:20 Saiki: I cried.
14:20 Kobato: The rest of us were like “What happened?!”
14:23 Saiki: I cried like “That’s impossible!”
14:25 Kobato: She was almost in tears, po.
14:26 Saiki: “Noooo!”
14:27 Saiki: I sobbed.
14:27 Kobato: And she was sobbing.
14:29 Saiki: I sobbed, naturally.
14:29 Kobato: And she was like “I’m sorry, I can’t rehearse anymore today” (laughs).
14:33 Saiki: (laughs) I did. I did in the end.
14:34 Kobato: You did, but you were like “I can’t do it anymore today” for a while.
14:41 Saiki: Well, I took a break for 10 minutes or so.
14:42 Kobato: Right, we decided to have a break, a long break, because of that, po.
14:44 Saiki: For a while…
14:46 Saiki: Like, “Let me sort out my feelings” (laughs).
14:49 Kobato: You really fell down, po, right?
14:51 Saiki: Yeah. Just like that. I love Namie Amuro-san just like that.
14:55 Kobato: That’s right, po.
14:57 Saiki: All right. I got to know the song Funky Town, and it was included in the album Play in 2007…
15:08 Kobato: I see.
15:09 Saiki: When I was in elementary school, maybe?
15:11 Kobato: Uh-huh.
15:12 Saiki: And because of that…
15:15 Kobato: Po.
15:16 Saiki: I started dancing, maybe…
15:17 Kobato: Po.
15:18 Saiki: I’m sorry, my memory is super vague (laughs).
15:19 Kobato: It’s vague (laughs). Po.
15:21 Saiki: Anyway, I was definitely influenced by it a lot.
15:26 Saiki: Her fashion too, you know, I also admired Namie Amuro’s looks? so much and I was influenced by that. The song made me dance, and it made me want to be a singer and dancer…
15:41 Kobato: I see.
15:42 Saiki: … I thought like that.
15:43 Kobato: I see. So, it firmly leads to what you are now, po.
15:47 Saiki: Right, without this song, maybe I wouldn’t have liked singing in particular.
15:51 Kobato: Ah. That’s no-no, po (laughs). Band-Maid wouldn’t have been formed, po, in that case.
15:54 Saiki: “No-no, po” (laughs).
15:57 Saiki: Right.
15:57 Kobato: Yes.
15:58 Saiki: I was like that. Also, the music video of Funky Town was pretty shocking to me at that time, because I didn’t imagine a music video only with dance scenes by a Japanese artist…
16:17 Kobato: I see.
16:18 Saiki: You know, there were usually both dance scenes and conceptual scenes…
16:19 Kobato: Ah, you’re right.
16:21 Saiki: Yeah, that was common, right?
16:24 Kobato: At that time…
16:25 Saiki: Yeah, exactly.
16:25 Kobato: … Sure, I don’t have such an image for videos of that age, po.
16:28 Saiki: Right.
16:28 Kobato: Uh-huh.
16:28 Saiki: So, you know, in the case of R&B artists overseas, they had music videos only with scenes like that, and I had already seen them thanks to my dance teacher, so first time I saw its music video, I was like “Who’s she?”
16:48 Kobato: I see.
16:48 Saiki: Then, I was like “Her name is Namie Amuro, it seems”.
16:52 Kobato: Po.
16:53 Saiki: That’s how I grew to like her, so the impact of her looks was so strong.
16:58 Kobato: She’s cool for sure, po.
17:00 Saiki: Yeah.
17:00 Kobato: Yeah. However, as expected from your vibe, you’re often told you seem to like Amuro-chan, po, right? [Note: Namie Amuro is often called Amuro-chan by fans.]
17:06 Saiki: I’m often told so. Somehow I have such a vibe (laughs).
17:09 Kobato: You have it. You can’t hide it (laughs).
17:11 Saiki: I exude something… maybe?
17:13 Kobato: She’s an indispensable person in your life forever, po, right?
17:19 Saiki: Yes. That was such an encounter.
17:21 Kobato: By the way, which part of the song do you like the best, po?
17:24 Saiki: My favorite part?
17:25 Kobato: Your favorite part.
17:26 Saiki: You know, also in Band-Maid songs, the intro?…
17:31 Kobato: Ah, certainly. The intro. You like the intro, po.
17:31 Saiki: … or, I like songs with an impact at the beginning, and I don’t compromise on it for Band-Maid songs…
17:37 Kobato: Uh-huh.
17:38 Saiki: … So I like the beginning, probably.
17:40 Kobato: Oh, I see, so, the beginning…
17:42 Saiki: Pay attention to it (laughs).
17:42 Kobato: Please pay attention to it, po.
17:44 Saiki: Now, I’d like you to listen to it.
17:45 Kobato: Yeah.
17:46 Saiki: So, please listen to this. Funky Town by Namie Amuro.
(Funky Town)
19:13 Saiki: You’ve just listened to Funky Town by Namie Amuro.
19:17 Saiki: All right, next…
19:18 Kobato: Po!
19:19 Saiki: That song that has changed Kobato’s life…
19:22 Kobato: Yes.
19:22 Saiki: … Please tell us about it.
19:23 Kobato: Um, the song that has changed my life is Tokyo Jihen’s Gunjō Biyori, po!
19:30 Saiki: Oh.
19:33 Kobato: You know, um, this song is, what should I say…
19:38 Saiki: When was that?
19:38 Kobato: I originally didn’t use to listen to bands so much…
19:44 Saiki: When you were small?
19:45 Kobato: I had little to do with bands when I was small, po. I loved music, and quite liked singing. Also, my grandma used to sing enka [note: traditional Japanese pop songs] for a very long time, and she used to sing in a kimono at a public hall, and because of her influence, I used to go to enka lessons with her…
20:07 Saiki: I see, your start was enka.
20:08 Kobato: Yeah, enka.
20:09 Saiki: (laughs)
20:09 Kobato: It’s unusual to start with enka (laughs).
20:11 Saiki: It was enka because of your grandma’s influence.
20:12 Kobato: That’s right, po. However, I listened to enka so much that… my mother worried about that…
20:19 Saiki: Aha!
20:20 Kobato: She worried about my future.
20:21 Saiki: I see!
20:22 Kobato: (laughs)
20:23 Saiki: Like, “Listen to various types of music.”
20:23 Kobato: Um, first of all, she was like “Listen to idol songs” (laughs).
20:26 Saiki: (laughs) Idols!
20:27 Kobato: She told me about Morning Musume
20:27 Saiki: Ah! I used to listen to Momusu!
20:30 Kobato: … I grew to like such music, and I grew to want to listen to various types of music, and probably when I was in high school, people around me started bands…
20:43 Saiki: Uh-huh.
20:43 Kobato: … you know, because of influence of surroundings, po.
20:45 Saiki: They do.
20:45 Kobato: I went to see bands with friends, and see my friends’ bands, and I thought “Oh, it looks they have a lot of fun”, so I tried to listen to various bands, and then found Tokyo Jihen.
21:00 Kobato: I thought “A cool band like this ever exists in Japan, po?!” and I was very impressed, po.
21:08 Saiki: Uh-huh.
21:09 Kobato: And in the song Gunjō Biyori, Ringo Sheena-san is sooo beautiful!
21:18 Saiki: She’s beautiful.
21:18 Kobato: Beautiful… She’s cute, but not only that, she’s also cool and beautiful, po.
21:23 Saiki: Why so?
21:23 Kobato: She has all, what should I say, she’s also sexy…
21:26 Saiki: She’s glossy in it, right?
21:27 Kobato: Oh, right, she’s glossy.
21:29 Saiki: Somehow…
21:29 Kobato: She’s glossy in a good sense, po.
21:30 Saiki: That’s right.
21:31 Kobato: You know, I feel she’s a little erotic but also very cute, po.
21:38 Saiki: There’s hope (laughs).
21:39 Kobato: Yeah, she glitters too, po.
21:41 Saiki: Right.
21:41 Kobato: So, the music video is not totally bright, but it has shadows and spotlights, and it shows Ringo Sheena-san’s good points, and the cameraman and the band…
21:59 Saiki: You mean everyone.
21:59 Kobato: You know, the band’s good points…
22:01 Saiki: (laughs)
22:02 Kobato: … are fully shown in it, and that made me love bands, po.
22:06 Saiki: I see.
22:07 Kobato: Then, I began to listen to bands and cool music like that, and I grew to want to do a band myself…
22:16 Saiki: Uh-huh.
22:17 Kobato: … That was the beginning.
22:18 Saiki: Do you mean the beginning of doing a band?
22:20 Kobato: That’s right, po. The song made me want to do a band, po.
22:26 Saiki: Whew, freaking close!
22:26 Kobato: If I hadn’t listened to the song, I wouldn’t have formed Band-Maid, probably (laughs).
22:27 Saiki: Freaking close.
22:28 Saiki: Freaking close (laughs).
22:31 Kobato: What would you do, po? I might have gone to enka, po (laughs).
22:32 Saiki: (laughs) You, Kobato?
22:34 Kobato: Yeah.
22:34 Saiki: With your looks?
22:35 Kobato: Po.
22:35 Saiki: That would be cool.
22:35 Kobato: I might have gone in the strange direction of enka in a maid outfit, po.
22:38 Saiki: Oh, enka in a maid outfit?
22:40 Kobato: Yeah.
22:41 Saiki: That would make no sense (laughs).
22:42 Kobato: Maybe (laughs).
22:44 Kobato: Po. So, thanks to this song, I came to do a band, po.
22:50 Saiki: That was close. One is what made me start singing…
22:53 Kobato: Yeah, that’s right, po.
22:54 Saiki: And the other is what made you start doing a band.
22:54 Kobato: It was the beginning of the band. If each of us hadn’t met these songs…
22:57 Saiki: Right, without these songs.
22:59 Kobato: I think what we are now wouldn’t exist, po.
23:00 Saiki: Right, we wouldn’t be talking here right now (laughs).
23:02 Kobato: Oh, we wouldn’t be talking, po.
23:04 Kobato: Hmm, just like that…
23:06 Saiki: Awesome.
23:06 Kobato: This song influenced my life, po.
23:09 Saiki: Yeah.
23:09 Kobato: All right. Well then, we’d like you to…
23:14 Saiki: Listen to it.
23:14 Kobato: … actually listen to it, po.
23:16 Kobato: Now, please listen to this, po. Gunjō Biyori by Tokyo Jihen.
(Gunjō Biyori)
24:58 Kobato: You’ve just listened to Gunjō Biyori by Tokyo Jihen, po.
25:03 Saiki: It’s cool.
25:04 Kobato: It was cool, po!
(Jingle: Honey)
(Jingle: Anemone)
25:23 Kobato: BAND-MAID NIPPON. Time flies so fast. It’s time to say good-bye, po.
25:29 Saiki: You can listen again using Time Free on Radiko, so listen as many times as possible.
25:36 Kobato: Now, we Band-Maid would like to inform you that we will release our eighth single Sense on Wednesday, October 27. This song is the opening theme of the TV anime Platinum End, po.
25:50 Kobato: Sense (TV Size Ver.) is now available on streaming services, po. Please kindly listen to it on streaming sites, po!
26:00 Kobato: And surprisingly, we appear in the Netflix film Kate as Band-Maid, po.
26:07 Saiki: Surprisingly.
26:08 Kobato: Our Hollywood debut!
26:09 Saiki: (laughs)
26:09 Kobato: We would be glad if you could watch it, po! (laughs)
26:13 Saiki: Yes, please watch it.
26:14 Kobato: Also, for our latest information, please kindly check out the Band-Maid official site, po!
26:22 Saiki: Yeah!
26:22 Kobato: Now, we’ve just finished the second episode…
26:25 Saiki: Time flew really fast.
26:26 Kobato: Surprisingly…
26:27 Saiki: Oh?
26:28 Kobato: This program…
26:29 Saiki: Surprisingly!
26:29 Kobato: … will be broadcast as a regular program, po!
26:31 Saiki: Wow!
26:33 Saiki: Congratulations.
26:35 Kobato: The on-air day and time will be different than this time, po, right?
26:39 Saiki: Yeah.
26:40 Kobato: Please tell us the day and the time, po.
26:42 Saiki: Yes, um, it will be aired at 9 pm on Wednesday every week, so please be careful.
26:49 Kobato: Po!
26:49 Saiki: Yes.
26:50 Kobato: As we said a little while ago, we can invite Akane here, po.
26:54 Saiki: That’s right.
26:54 Kobato: (laughs)
26:55 Saiki: Let’s call her on video chat.
26:56 Kobato: We can also talk on video chat, po, right?
26:58 Saiki: Right.
26:59 Kobato: I think the other members who are not here this time will come visit us…
27:03 Saiki: I think they will. I’ll bring them here (laughs).
27:04 Kobato: Let’s bring them here, po.
27:06 Kobato: All right, everyone, please look forward to it, po!
27:08 Saiki: Yes.
27:09 Kobato: Also, since we will start the regular program, we accept emails from all of you listeners, po.
27:15 Saiki: Yes.
27:15 Kobato: Questions, thoughts on this program, and life counseling by Sai-chan…
27:21 Saiki: (laughs)
27:22 Kobato: Please.
27:23 Saiki: Please send them to us.
27:24 Kobato: Please send them to us, po!
27:25 Saiki: Well, the reason why I’ll do life counseling will be explained later…
27:30 Kobato: Later. Sometime later.
27:30 Saiki: I hope I can explain it later on…
27:32 Kobato: Let’s explain it later, po.
27:34 Saiki: … We are waiting for your emails.
27:36 Kobato: Yes, we are waiting for them, po. Our email address is bm@1242.com, bm@1242.com, and we are waiting for emails not only from Japan but also from all over the world.
27:56 Saiki: We are waiting for them.
27:56 Kobato: You can send email in English.
27:59 Saiki: Oh, Kobato-sensei.
28:00 Kobato: Um, wait a moment, um… If it’s in difficult English, I’ll have to rely on Google-sensei, po (laughs).
28:06 Saiki: (laughs) In simple English…
28:07 Kobato: As simple as possible, you know…
28:11 Saiki: It’s OK because you can roughly get it.
28:13 Kobato: I can understand what is said, but you know, I can’t talk…
28:15 Saiki: Oh, right, you’re right.
28:16 Kobato: I’m not good at talking, so please go easy on me… (laughs)
28:20 Saiki: (laughs)
28:21 Kobato: I ask for your understanding…
28:23 Saiki: Please.
28:24 Kobato: … and I’ll do it, po.
28:25 Saiki: Yes.
28:25 Kobato: Please, po! This program was hosted by Miku Kobato, the guitarist-vocalist of Band-Maid, and…
28:31 Saiki: Saiki, the vocalist.
28:34 Kobato: Have a nice day, masters and princesses. Bye-bye, po!
28:37 Saiki: Bye-bye.
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Anyone know what causes Circuit breaker switches to be ‘floppy’ and not click into the on position (while connected to supply AND disconnected)? Happened to one breaker after a minute or two of working, installed a new breaker and it worked ok briefly, put the cover back on and tested it and broken. submitted by ukfinest20 to electricians [link] [comments]

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