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Young guy in a drink dilemma

2022.01.16 06:50 MildCoffee2022 Young guy in a drink dilemma

I’m a 23 year old man who enjoys to drink. Not just on occasion but at each opportunity that drinks are offered or if I can afford to do so and feel in the mood to drink. I drink almost every weekend and throughout the week at times if I’m having a rough week.
I understand this is not socially acceptable behaviour and that I need to get my act together but I often brush these concerns off as “I’m a young guy, I should be enjoying my youth, this opportunity will dissipate in later life”. My family consider me to be an alcoholic but I firmly believe it’s not that serious and that I can change.
Any advice would be much appreciated and I’ll gladly provide more details as needed. Thank you
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2022.01.16 06:50 Gravedaisy "Head Recursion" 8x8" oil on wood panel, by Richard Ingersoll (me), 2022

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2022.01.16 06:50 YB6e Waking up to this on Sunday morning. She goes under her blanket as night, wakes up early to have her breakfast and comes back bed :)

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2022.01.16 06:50 Cryptoluck8 I need karma help

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2022.01.16 06:50 lou-adoptme W/F/L

Me: ride evil dog ride panda normal evil dog Them : 190m gems from psx
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2022.01.16 06:50 SwordoArta Strongest Sage (Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja: Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tame ni Tensei Shimashita) Chapter 52 Discussion

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2022.01.16 06:50 smolgurlPH [FOR HIRE] Hi! I'm Fangelica and I'm open for commissions! [5 Slots available]

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2022.01.16 06:50 Puzzleheaded_Can_545 trading teen dm me

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2022.01.16 06:50 zubatttt Has sora ever been attacked by a sea bear? In Kh2 Remix he wears a crown side ways or in a "goofy fashion" and that might attract a sea bear 🐻 and he has to visit atlantica.........I'm worried about sora guys😥😥

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2022.01.16 06:50 ydouhatemurica Without religion modern societies would not have formed as game theory would kick in and humans would rather be selfish than do best for the group.

I think ancient civilizations would have had a very hard time controlling crime, mass rape, selfishness stealing without religion. That was the purpose of religion in my opinion to provide a police without there actually being a police force. It is in the best interest of an individual to be selfish and greedy rather than to sacrifice and do best for society. Why shouldn't I steal goods when I can get away with it. Why shouldn't I have sex with the hot girl even if she is being courted with another guy if the other guy is on a hunt. It already happened, and I think without religion it would be to an extent like other animals never allowing us to cooperate and make civilizations.
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2022.01.16 06:50 Joshua102097 DPSO 9th Year Anniversary Ops!

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2022.01.16 06:50 NovusAlvus1504 23 [M4A] Heyya I Need Snapchat Friends

Helloo sooo I kinda made a snapchat account and I clearly have no idea how to use this or like the rules and shit like I just don't know, it doesn't function like twitter or facebook I mean idk it just feels different soo hahahaha would be nice to have new friends as well.
I'm into watching movies, disney, studio ghibli, marvel, a lot of movies especially adventure. I also like tv series, cooking, photography, videography.
btw I might block people I find creepy or I don't vibe with, I might reply late soo huehuehue.
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2022.01.16 06:50 Bobythetunafish3 Arm

Yesterday I played wii sports boxing and the sword thing on wii sports resort for too long and now my right arm hurts. Anything I can do about it? I imagine I’m not the only one who has these problems
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2022.01.16 06:50 Frostyv-i-b-e-s Streaming battlelands royale on twitch giving it a good warewell before the servers get shutdown tomorrow come join me if you want to😥😭

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2022.01.16 06:50 EmbrysInsanity Okay, so question

I’ve been a furry for a couple of years, I’ve never owned a fursuit, but I decided I wanted to try making one. Would it be okay or safe to use cardboard instead of foam? I had a bad incident one time, and now I’m slightly scared of using foam with about anything, but I will if cardboard isn't safe to use
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2022.01.16 06:50 Hamad-alhajjaji I made this Epic 2Islamist4you Sticker/Banner , I tried…

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2022.01.16 06:50 PxDor5 M*dern Episode

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2022.01.16 06:50 szucsattila Homebridge vs Tuya

Hey There! I've installed this tuya plugin https://github.com/tuya/tuya-homebridge on my homebridge (everything is up-to-date). I've created all of the steps and on console I see the right messages Adding: Nappali Légkondi (kt / bf5921be1c8024b4few) Adding: Hálószoba Légkondi (kt / bf3a1e33305c80c8741) Adding: Dolgozó Légkondi (kt / bf0de137602fc3fc50yh) Adding: Focus Garázs (mc / 53625670500291bc30) Adding: Gyerekszoba Légkondi (kt / bf60e00df967018a81j) Adding: Avensis Garázs (mc / 536256702462ab1c7f)
but after all I don't see any of this devices as an accessories. Could you help what could be the issue?
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2022.01.16 06:50 UnrulliTarulli Pulled this out of my first and only Cosmic Eclipse pack. Can die peacefully.

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2022.01.16 06:50 NefariousnessIll7101 sds

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2022.01.16 06:50 BadSmooth3831 Is the site down? It just keeps on loading (My internet connection working well)

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2022.01.16 06:50 Large_Psychology_865 Vote the best zr weapon contest #16

What's better?
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2022.01.16 06:50 Original-Addendum147 Reviewing Zelda games as if they were Sonic games

Zelda 1, Link to the Past and Awakening: The only good Zelda games.
Ocarina of Time: Zelda had a rough transition into 3D, OoT was a horrible clunky mess of a game with a terrible camera, horrible animations, god awful controls and the only people who defend OoT are a bunch of whiny man-children who are blinded by nostalgia.
Majora's Mask: This game tries way too hard to be dark and edgy, I mean like who the hell thought that some game about some green elf twink would need some super dark edge lord villain that wants to destroy the world?
Wind Waker: Ugh seriously, this game is so kiddy and dumb. It's like a dumb Saturday morning cartoon, like who was the guy that thought Link needed a talking boat as a companion? It's obvious that Nintendo's running out of ideas for new characters.
Four Swords: Oh my God why the hell does Link have so many friends? The games should just have Link, Zelda and Gannon and no other unnecessary characters to clog up the game. Honestly, those other Link clones should just die and never ever come back because the last thing this series needs are more annoying characters.
Twilight Princess: This game is good, but the fact that Link turns into a furry negates every single bit of praise the game deserves.
Skyward Sword: More characters = Bad game
Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time + Majora's Mask remake: Just terrible nostalgia pandering, Nintendo should try something new and creative despite the fact that we've cried about new and creative things for the past decade.
Breath of the Wild: It's okay, but remember the time that Link turned into a furry? Haha lol Zelda was never good.
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2022.01.16 06:50 ZoolShop Djokovic out of Australian Open after losing deportation appeal

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2022.01.16 06:50 klod91 When you discover a product that changes everything

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