Any Tips to Stay Energized?

2022.01.16 07:22 zomboza Any Tips to Stay Energized?

Broke college students here, 2 years of Quarantine have screwed me up. Countless "Absen terus mute" and lazing in bed didn't help with the situation either. Long story short, finally has a will to live definitely not because of being rejected from magang. However, body doesn't want to cooperate, always feel sleepy even after enough sleep (6-8 Hours). What should I do? Any Tips or Diet Advise? Bonus points if it's free. I wanna be the best budak korporat functioning member of the society before it's too late.
tl;dr : Pengen rutin bangun pagi tapi hawanya gak lemes/mager
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2022.01.16 07:22 beethereal My Kroger took some Squish and encaged them at floral.

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2022.01.16 07:22 OMA_ Any GR owners find any good phone mount locations yet? 👀

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2022.01.16 07:22 defistormcomin AlgoBlocks: the Front Page of DeFi Investments

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2022.01.16 07:22 Pristine-Buddy7068 How much is 89 MADFUT icon worth

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2022.01.16 07:22 BelleAriel In the West, we just reward corruption.

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2022.01.16 07:22 SKeptical230 Posting a meme every day till Overlord S4 is released, Day 6

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2022.01.16 07:22 Busy_Lingonberry_137 #naruto #narutouzumaki #anime #animeedit #onisqd

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2022.01.16 07:22 xX-TRYHARD-Xx Help me find this game!

So a few months i was perusing kickstarter and found an interesting game that i was planning on backing, but for some reason i didnt and it since has fallen out of my mind. Im now attempting to remember the name of the game any help would be appreciated.
What I remember of the Game: - It used dark and neon colours - Had a variety of decks for different cards - It was a relaunch for the expansion - It was talisman esq game so youd travel around the map collecting loot - on the roads to different places bandits could attack - (not 100% on this one) it was known for being quite difficult
I dont know if anyone knows this game or if it even existed, ive been attempting to find it for a day or so now and its completely driven me insane. Any help would be absoloutely wonderful.
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2022.01.16 07:22 RishiRich Do we usually get free tech tier ships & commanders during dockyard events?

Having never done a dockyard event before I was wondering, is the side mission chain (New Year Fleet) that gives 4 tech tier ships and commanders pretty routine for these events? Or is it a special thing just for this dockyard event?
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2022.01.16 07:22 catalinashenanigans Short kings aren't owed anything. Grow the fuck up.

I get it, being short sucks. But someone isn't a shit human being because they don't want to be with a short person. Ask the same person that's gatekeeping height if they would be with someone that's overweight and I'm sure they'd have a lot of strong...opinions. People are allowed preferences. Just because you don't fit into those preferences doesn't mean you're owed anything. Grow the fuck up.
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2022.01.16 07:22 Missy_Devil New to OnlyFans, I got a cute booty~

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2022.01.16 07:22 Lazy_Author7204 can I save this? succulent

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2022.01.16 07:22 EJB___ Getting back into D2

Getting a PC next week so I’m gonna get back into D2 before witch queen then carry on from there. I haven’t played in a long time so I’m not sure how relevant previous DLC still is, will I need to buy anything other than witch queen in the mean time if it’s only a month away. Like is beyond light still gonna be necessary to get the full experience going forward? I know some older stuff is getting cycled out but not sure exactly what or when.
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2022.01.16 07:22 Safe_Background3483 Genesect raid - 9322 9212 4404

Be online 9322 9212 4404
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2022.01.16 07:22 Winter-Piccolo-8805 I'm not familiar with all genders/sexualities etc. And am struggling with mine a bit.

I know I'm not cisgender, I feel female, male, neither and both. And it's usually 2 at the same time. E.g. male and none, none and all, female and male. Etc.
Is that pangender? Or something else?
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2022.01.16 07:22 Comfortablejack Yes they are as bad as Nazi

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2022.01.16 07:22 snizles Anyone have any idea about what’s happened at Footscray station?

I’ve heard rumours that people have died after an altercation at Footscray Station & police are in attendance - anyone know what’s going on?
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2022.01.16 07:22 Xerenai Mawile 0929 0578 1113

0929 0578 1113
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2022.01.16 07:22 xermo Do Extraverted people want introverts to talk a lot too or no? I feel like a lot of the time when I start to speak it’s either being rushed or they talk over me and then stop like oh no go ahead…

I’m perfectly content with just adding comments here and there, and explaining when need be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t just talk out of my ass sometimes.
Whenever I’m chatting with an Extraverted type like an ENTP or ESTP, they tend to talk a lot about things from their own perspective. Maybe I just don’t understand when it’s my turn to speak, or maybe they just get the urge to talk over me, but when I say like 2-3 sentences I get this vibe that they wanna start talking to comment on what I’m saying already to take back the lead. But then once they finish talking and it’s quiet I feel like it’s my turn and stuff gets quiet… lol.
Is this something I should allow the Extraverted type to do? Should I let them finish their 20 minute rant before commenting? I’m perfectly ok with that, but also don’t wanna be that weirdo who doesn’t talk and they’re just talking because I’m not and they don’t want it to be awkward.
I guess what I’m looking for is a percentage you want (as an extravert) the introverted person to talk compared to you?
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2022.01.16 07:22 ZoolShop Androids have six ‘secret codes’ that unlock hidden features

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2022.01.16 07:22 iNjza Pandemic Mail Day

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2022.01.16 07:22 DevastaTheSeeker Tagged spoiler just in case

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2022.01.16 07:22 DavidHolic Games with the best Star Wars mods?

So i was wondering, what games have the best/ambitious/most fun star wars mods while playing modded Rimworld. Any Suggestions? Thanks!
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2022.01.16 07:22 ConsiderationPast623 Neuötting im Abendlicht

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