Using his own logic back at him

2022.01.16 07:21 kyliecannoli Using his own logic back at him

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2022.01.16 07:21 Optimal_Ad5376 Meine Nachbarin 🥵 tauschen?

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2022.01.16 07:21 Gabriella1503 Any females on here?? Female here as well can never really find many

18/f/Canada if u wanna chat!! We can on snap as well
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2022.01.16 07:21 BackdoorBetsy This (style) looks so familiar but i cant find anything about it.

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2022.01.16 07:21 KrultPud 🚀 Lucky farm | 🚨 Presale now live | 💥 The moment you all has been waiting for is here! | KYC InterFi ✅ | Easy 100x ⚡️

💥Friends, are you ready? LUCKY FARM PRE SALE will take place on 5th January! 💥 Don't miss this opportunity to get yourself a spot. 🌐 Private sale will be conducted on website: 📌 Details: Time 13PM UC 6/01/2022 Type: FCFS Hard Cap: 75BNB Min Buy: 0.2 BNB Max Buy: 3 BNB Vesting Period: 4 months vestings, 15% release at TGE ( Token Generation Event) then unlocked with 20% per month. LUCKY FARM WHITELIST PRESALE on Pinksale this 8TH January!! 💥 The moment you all has been waiting for is here!!! 🌐 Private sale will be conducted on Pinksale: 📌 Details: Time: 13PM UTC 8/01/2022 Type: WHITELIST SOFTCAP: 300BNB Hard Cap: 600BNB Min Buy: 0.2 BNB Max Buy: 2 BNB Vesting Period: 2 months vesting, 20% release at TGE ( Token Generation Event) then unlocked with 20% per month. 📊 Tokenomics : 2% Airdrop 15% Liquidity 5% Marketing 5% Team 30% Pre-sales 5% Private sale 38% Play to earn 📌 ROADMAP ROADMAP-PHASE 1: Q4/2021 Brand design, Graphics design Website and Game Proof-Of-Concept All Smart Contracts included Token Release ROADMAP-PHASE 2: Q1/2022 Private Sale, Airdrop Campaign, IDO DEX, CEX Listing Game demonstration Marketing & Partnership NFT Marketplace Launch ROADMAP-PHASE 3: Q2/2022 Lauch Game Version 1 Testnet Launch Mini Game release Multi-chain support PHASE 4: Q3/2022 Game version 2: 3D Items Multi-player support More Mini Game release 🔐Contract : 0x4F011f510b0FE53bc4Cd9D46b7E07819BB639748 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : 🔒 Liquidity locked :
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2022.01.16 07:21 Ra_Peters Finanzen in Vorbereitung auf Selbstständigkeit

Hi, ich (M 32) arbeite seit meiner Ausbildung durchweg und habe seit Mitte 20 das Verlangen auf Selbstständiger Basis zu arbeiten. Möchte es jetzt endlich mal angehen, bzw mich daran ausprobieren (will es nicht bereuen es nicht getan zu haben) und bin (noch) ungebunden (keine Familie). Habe bis dato keine selbstständige Nebentätigkeit. Arbeite derzeit in einem Maschinenbaukonzern und verdiene Netto 2,75k € im Monat, wird sich die nächsten Monate auf ~ 3k€ anheben (wechsel intern die Stelle). Der Weg zurück ins Angestellten Verhältnis sollte bei meiner Ausbildung, Berufserfahrung und Alter notfalls unproblematisch sein.
Habe bis jetzt keine ganz konkreten Pläne was ich machen möchte, daher ausprobieren. Ich habe Kontakte in die Offshore (Öl/Gas & Wind) Welt, da ich in dem Bereich arbeite (bauen Maschinen für Offshore) und könnte mir vorstellen Projektbasierend in dem Bereich zu arbeiten, als gute Einnahmequelle für überschaubare Zeiträume. Habe noch mit Freunden eine recht gut ausgestatte Schrauberhalle, in der ich versch. Sachen bauen kann auf die ich bock habe. (Handwerklich "begabt", Ausbildung in der Richtung, selber Camper umgebaut, Motorrad umgebaut, etc.). Habe noch ne (gute) Ausbildung zum Ernährungscoach zu liegen, die ich mal angehen müsste. Gehe bereits für ein Abenteuerstart-Up als Teamleiter auf Abenteuer Touren, bekomme dafür aber lediglich 1k€ Pauschale als Aufwandsentschädigung (eher so ein Leidenschaftsding) für die 2-3 Wochen. Mein Bruder ist schon lange erfolgreich Selbstständig bzw unternehmerisch Tätig, da würden sich auch versch. Möglichkeiten ergeben können.
Ich würde mich kündigen lassen wollen, um ab Tag 1 Arbeitslosengeld 1 zu bekommen, was bei 1,6k - 1,7k€ liegen sollte. Von da aus dann weiter vorbereiten bzw anfangen ausprobieren bis ich eine gewerbliche Tätigkeit anmelden muss.
Wie sollte ich mich finziell dahingehend vorbereiten? (Rücklagen, Sparen, Vorbereitung auf evtl. zusätzliche Kosten, etc.) Ich bin für alle Ratschläge und Tipps sehr Dankbar!
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2022.01.16 07:21 GullibleAirport732 Literally the same here in Pakistan. Guy driving with Punjabi song playing in the car is our national snap story.

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2022.01.16 07:21 Intelligent-Bid5826 Corinna no invites

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2022.01.16 07:21 ScorpioDaniel Art of Donnie Yen’s Fight Choreography Part 1

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2022.01.16 07:21 sabbah أكثر 10 دول إفريقية انتاجا للنفط.. هذا ترتيب الجزائر خلال 2021

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2022.01.16 07:21 Reliculus Absolute unit of a spider.

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2022.01.16 07:21 Logseman Why I demo in Rocket League

When I’m flying down the field blazing hell fire do you think I give a single flying glorious fuck if you’re the red car with honeycomb rims or if you’re the orange slice pop looking flying Tonka truck - I’m coming into that ass and you can’t stop this fucking heat. Red, blue, pink, yellow I don’t give a fuck - I’m plowing through that ass and making sparks rain like fourth of fucking July my dude. Take it personal and go cry to yo momma, we only want champions in this motherfucker.
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2022.01.16 07:21 Rafia5050 #NFT with a Chan Of Orporate Busieness coming soon on @ArkyciaMetavers #Metaverseland #metaverse #arkyciametaverse #cryptolovers #arkyciatoken #nftprojects #bestnftprojects2022 #metaverseprojects #bestmetaversetoken

#NFT with a Chan Of Orporate Busieness coming soon on @ArkyciaMetavers #Metaverseland #metaverse #arkyciametaverse #cryptolovers #arkyciatoken #nftprojects #bestnftprojects2022 #metaverseprojects #bestmetaversetoken submitted by Rafia5050 to ico [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 07:21 Bernard_L Writer’s Block Relief Through AI

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2022.01.16 07:21 uninterestedpawn I met the girl of my dreams two days back. I know I will screw this up somehow. So I wrote this for her and if she sees this, she'll think I am crazy but I wanted to put this out in the world.

I wrote this on January 16, 2022 two days after I met her.
Well, there goes the heart wandering again searching for the joys, far from self-disdain. The heart knows what it wants and jumps but the way is paved with many thorny bumps.
Easy to say, 'Take a chance, what will you lose?' Only one who lost all, pounces at the blows. Even one who has nothing has something to miss May it a life, a smile, a chance at happiness
You came to me when was at my absolute low But I did know, I could fall deep into a shadow. Even the little speck of light in my chest Can go out flailing, flickering.. in the dark mist.
See, usually I write things to make laughter Somehow today, I seem to majorly falter. Even at these times, I try to see the light and hope you can pull me out of the plight.
So, hoping for the light at the end of the hole I get up, I exist, hoping one day to be whole. For I know, all we need to fill the endless void are the broken bits and pieces, we consciously avoid.
I am an absolute idiot. If she gets to know, I have written this just two days after I came in contact with her, she will freak out. Anyway, as I said, the heart wants what it wants and in this case, it seems to be going towards excruciating pain and suffering. But in a way, it keeps me alive, something to exist for, (living is out of the question, I forgot how years ago.) something to keep on slogging. In the immortal(possibly not!) words of backstreet boys or whoever was the lyricist of the song -
"If you're gonna hurt someone, then let it be me If you're gonna break my heart, I'm ready to bleed Even if it kills me, oh, I'm begging you, please If you're gonna hurt someone, then let it be me
If we fall, then you can blame it all on me Don't have to tell me you're sorry It's your call, whether you leave or you take me I'm still gonna want you like crazy"
So yeah, all I want to say is I am crazy about her and I don't think it will work out because when has it ever worked out for little old me? I doubt if I will ever find someone who loves me the way I love them and that's the harsh reality. May be I can have some good memories on the way. Something which can prolong my existence for some more years.
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2022.01.16 07:21 pimpusz my first ever solarigraphy method photo but without sun- one week exposure in soda can

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2022.01.16 07:21 bennette_willow Do caregivers count?

Hi. I'm a caregiver for disabled adults. I worked 20 hours today. Reading posts here I kind of realized how burnt out I am. 6 days a week, 6 years. Everyone's quitting. Patients are dying. I know I'm not a real nurse. I don't feel like I deserve to give up when y'all have it so much worse. I can't help but wonder if it will end. When will I finally catch covid from all the anti-vaxxers I'm forced to interact with. A year ago we lost a patient I've worked with since day one. I still miss him. I've always wanted to move up and become a real nurse. I don't think I'm strong enough. Being an essential worker has drained my soul. No one cares. I get called slurs regularly (I'm a trans woman). No one cares. No one cares. I love my job. I love helping people. But there's no light at the end of my tunnel anymore.
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2022.01.16 07:21 Habytes Best Cyber Security Companies of 2022 – HA Bytes

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2022.01.16 07:21 matt827474 Exposure site delays

The Healthy WA exposure site website isn’t updated anywhere near as much as I would expect. For example, there were 5 positive cases announced today that were in the community and nothing has been updated (8 hours ago).
Does anyone have any insights into why they wouldn’t add exposure sites quicker?
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2022.01.16 07:21 zakk_ponsen Bluetooth in the Action Centre // Concept in PowerPoint

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çok eski zamanlarda erkekler eşlerini tanıtırken ne şekilde bahsederler diye sordu bu benim ............. gibi cevabını 1 hafta sonra vercekmiş araştırıp bulmamızı istedi (ödev olarak değil) o kadar yükseldiği için kimse bulamadı bu zamana kadar eski öğrencilerimin arasında vs merak ettim internette araştırıp bulamıcağımızı söylemişti cidden bulamadım sizce ne olabilir ?
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2022.01.16 07:21 spikeyviking23 Is star anise edible ?

As title suggest can you eat them ? I usually take them out if stocks etc but not sure if I can actually leave it in and eat it ?
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2022.01.16 07:21 crack__fox Filter by Publication Date

Is there a way to filter out episodes published before a certain date?
Sorry if this has been covered before, if so I blame Reddit search...!
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2022.01.16 07:21 deranged_asiangirl Boyfriend wouldn’t stop begging

My boyfriend(19M) and I(20F) have been on the phone for an hour and 20 minutes. The whole phone call was him begging me to get back into his car to sleep with him. He’s parked outside of my apartment building. He said it’s because of his OCD that he’s been asking for so long. He also called me a liar because I said I don’t wanna sleep in his car anymore after I got into his car once with my blanket and everything and he told me to get out because I brought alcohol into his car. Can someone please tell me if the OCD part is true? Like… I feel like something is wrong with him but I can’t put it in words. There’s also sm more he’s just so much.
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2022.01.16 07:21 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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